By Jess Arnaudin

With the popularity of Downtown Abbey and the cinematic adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”, 1920’s fashion came roaring back into popular culture. Many modern brides are embracing the glamour and decadence of this bygone era. With these tips for incorporating vintage elegance into your big day, you’ll be the “Cat’s Meow”!


Look for trademark vintage details such as the dropped waist, delicate traditional lace, and art deco details. Don’t shy away from lots of jewelry, but keep the look from turning into a costume by opting for genuine pearls and authentic vintage pieces (this could be your “Something Old”)!



Every bride wants to be radiant on her wedding day, but glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. Start investing in your skin by booking facials regularly and adopting a regimen built for your skin’s specific needs. Try using a brightening line like Illuminants+. Packed with a blend of three antioxidants (vitamin C, green tea, and rice phytic acid) you’ll be glowing before you can say, “Gee Whiz!”

Stress over the flowers, not your skin. At your wedding, you want to be breaking out in song, in dance, in happy tears…not in anything else! We can help with a customized Skincare Routine and Facial-Spa Package to get your skin in shape for the big day, as well as hypoallergenic Wedding Day Makeup. You can spread the glow, too, with wedding favors and bridal party gifts! Contact us at (212) 217 2762 or via Facebook for information. – Ed.



Soft curls are very romantic and can feel less fussy than a proper updo. Looking for something more retro? A deeply parted side bun with neatly placed waves is right on trend. Add a touch of whimsy by incorporating a headband or birdcage veil.



Get “Dolled Up” with sheer foundation and dramatic red lips. Try ultra-light Skintangible “BBBB Cream” SPF 30 for your base. This barely-there, skin-matching formula will provide weightless coverage (even if you dance into the night!) For lips, try a deep shade like Sheer Lip Tint  in “Cherry Fudge” or choose a bright crimson like Subtle Shine Lipstick in “Big Red” . Finally, pump up the drama with smudge, smear, and flake-proof lashes. Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara is the “Bee’s Knees”.


Crucial tips for your wedding look!

SCHEDULE A TRIAL. Practice makes perfect and bridal makeup application is no different. Making time for a thorough consultation is vital!

QUICK-CHANGE ARTIST. Wear a garment that is easy to remove. It’s a detail often overlooked. Contorting out of a tight top after hair and makeup are done is no small feat. Do yourself (and your beauty squad!) a favor: wear a front-button blouse or robe.

EYE DO. Wedding emotions can run high. Apply eye drops frequently before makeup to turn teary-eyed redness into bright-eyed twinkle. And use smear-proof mascara!

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