Think of healthy moisture as vitamins for your skin: essential to its health and something your skin may not produce enough of on its own.

Oily skin, like all skin, needs healthy hydration. Even oily skin can experience water loss, barrier damage, and get dry and uncomfortable…

  • …in cold, dry weather;
  • …when over-treated with too many medicines, peels, or procedures;
  • …when irritated by using products with active ingredients incorrectly;
  • …or if irritated by using products with irritants or allergens (dryness can be a sign of contact dermatitis but is often mistakenly dismissed as “dry skin”).

Look for a moisturizer that won’t clog pores or add shine, but that will prevent water loss and care for your skin’s important barrier. An oil-free formulation is a great option. If you have very oily skin, an active treatment in cream or lotion form may provide you with adequate hydration while also providing anti-acne and other benefits.

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