What do you really know about our cult-fave, ultra-popular, organic, first-cold-pressed virgin coconut oil? 

Up to 4:

Number of coconuts needed to make one large bottle of Know-It-Oil. Other oils that use heat or chemical processing need less coconuts to make a liter. We use traditional methods in a slow, manual, minimal process to maintain the quality of the oil and preserve as many of its phytochemicals and fatty acids as possible.


Days that it takes to produce our virgin coconut oil, from harvest to pressing.

1 Year:

The time it takes a coconut tree to start producing good coconuts again if stressed by a strong storm.


Number of years that a coconut tree needs before it produces coconuts.


Months that a coconut needs to grow to become fully mature — the age needed for oil (coconut water is taken from a young, green nut).


Heat, bleaching, deodorizing, or chemicals …Know-It-Oil is 100% manually pressed.


The cost to other farmers and schools in the area for the education that our farm provides. Our farm also shares food and techniques with neighbors to help alleviate poverty and promote organic farming.


By-product that goes to waste. Leftover coconut meat is used to fertilize the land and is fed to fish in rivers and ponds. The community also uses leftover coconut husk as a cleaning scrub and as coconut coal for cooking.


One of many other organic crops that grow on our farm.

Photo credit: Jess Arnaudin

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