Gabriel Rojo De La Vega

Owner & CEO of El T3mplo, Adventurer & Fitness Entrepreneur



Gabriel is the Owner & CEO of El T3mplo, a fitness coaching company, home of a phenomenal training system that he created: R.3.D (Resilience, Endurance, Dynamic). Gabriel is also a retired  professional football player who played in the Mexican, Spanish, and Scottish First divisions. He enjoys being in the midst of nature, discovering new forms of fitness, new challenges, and different experiences. Follow Gabriel for inspired training, breathtaking adventure, and serious motivation!

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 Gabriel Rojo De La Vega



How long have you been playing soccer?
Desde que tenía 5 años de edad.
Since I was 5 years old.

Why do you do it?
Soy apasionado del deporte en general. Me gusta aprender todos los estilos y deportes, y me gusta ayudar a la gente y aprender y conseguir cosas nuevas.
I am passionate about sport in general. I like learning all styles of sport, and I like helping people discover new things.

How do you train for it?
3 horas al día en diferentes tipos de sesiones: calistenia, movimiento, artes marciales, etc.
3 hours daily with different types of sessions: calisthenics, movement, martial arts, etc.



How did you get started?
Empecé a los 5 años de edad. Iba a jugar futbol soccer dos veces a la semana, gimnasia olímpica, y natación además de los fines de semana con mis padres realizaba calistenia.
I started at age 5. I played soccer twice a week, gymnastics, and swimming and calisthenics on weekends with my parents.

Why do you like using Armada as a sunscreen?
Me gusta usar el Protector Solar Armada porque siempre estoy expuesto muchas horas de sol y cuida mi piel, no entra en mis ojos y me encanta la consistencia.
I like to wear the Armada Sunscreen because I’m always exposed to many hours of sunshine and it takes care of my skin. It does not get into my eyes and I love the consistency.

What was your most memorable moment in playing soccer?
Mi debut profesional en la primera división en México.
My professional debut in first division in Mexico.

You feel happiest when…. 
Cuando estoy en medio de la naturaleza abriendo mi camino, descubriendo nuevas formas, nuevos desafíos y diferentes experiencias.
When I am in the midst of nature opening new paths, discovering new forms, new challenges and different experiences.

Do you have any tips for fans out there for fitness, sun protection and/or training?
Mi recomendación es entrenar lo más orgánico posible, entre menos lineal, menos máquinas y más al aire libre, mejor. Que mejoren su comida y que cuiden del sol si van a estar expuestos. Se trata de sentirse mejor pero también de ser verde en todos los sentidos.
My recommendation is to train as organically as possible — the less linear or less machines, and the more outdoors, the better. Improve your food and and take care to protect yourself against sun exposure. It is about feeling better but also about being green, natural, in every way.

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