Jasmine Alkhaldi

Olympic Swimmer
Manila, Honolulu


Jasmine Alkhaldi is an Olympic swimmer who represented the Philippines in the 2012 Summer Games and the 2013 and 2015 Southeast Asian Games. She holds the Philippine records for the 200, 100 and 50-meter freestyle events, as well as the 50-meter butterfly event.

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How long have you been an athlete?

I started swimming lessons at 3 years old, competed locally at 5, started competing internationally at 11, became part of the national team at 15, made my first Olympics at 19… so roughly almost 20 years!

How did you get started?

At first, it was just my love for the water, I just love being in any kind of body of water. Then I started realizing I was very competitive and athletic at a young age.

What got you interested in swimming?

I almost drowned when I was three years old after seeing a pool at my aunt’s house and just jumped in without even knowing how to swim! Luckily, someone saw what happened and saved me from drowning. Since that incident, I was enrolled in water safety and then formal swim lessons.

How do you train? 

I stay consistent with my practices and try and not miss a single session of training. When I am at practice I try and focus on what I have to do in that moment instead of thinking of the other things I have to do.

I believe in being in the moment and giving it your best effort always,
while still enjoying yourself

I swim twice a day, three times a week, and once a day, twice a week…and once on a weekend. I lift weights and do land exercises three times a week.


Why do you do it?

I think my talent is a gift from God and I don’t want to waste it. I grew to become very passionate about swimming and the opportunity to represent the Philippines gives me so much pride and honor.

What was your most memorable moment at the Olympics? 

Marching at the opening ceremony and sharing that stage with the different Olympians around the world promoting peace, unity and equality…and swimming my race, of course 😉

What are your favorite VMV products and why do you like using them? 

My ultimate must haves are the Armada Sport 70, Hydra Balance Gentle Cream Cleanser and Illuminants + Face-Hand-Body Lotion. I use them all every single day. Whenever I use Armada Sport, I feel protected whenever I would go outside. It feels light on my skin and does not stay on feeling sticky. I love how mild the Gentle Cream Cleanser is; it leaves my skin feeling fresh after every wash. I had problems with acne growing up and it left marks on my face — add that to being heavily exposed to the sun while I lived in Hawai’i and being stubborn about skin care (I have learned my lesson now, thank God) — my skin tone is now balancing out and clarifying those dark spots/discoloration I had for years.


You feel most beautiful when….

I get to do what I love! And eat.

How do you want to be known as? 

The next Beyonce! (I’m kidding). All joking aside…

I want to be known as a girl who dreamed big,
who became a woman that dreamed even bigger
(and hopefully inspired others to do the same).


What’s your daily skin care regimen and/or make-up? 

Sunscreen, since I am usually out in the sun! My everyday makeup go-to’s are mascara, eyebrow pencil and a good lip balm. At the end of the day I make sure to wash my face, apply my toner and moisturize.

Do you have any tips for fans out there for fitness and sun protection? 

Enjoy the outdoors, do something new and don’t be afraid to fail! Take care of your body because you only have one! (and YES that includes your skin). Eat right, stay fit and never neglect protecting your skin!


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