SKIN: exfoliate!


Both on the surface with any of our Cleansing Scrubs as well as at the cellular level with a good micro-exfoliant like our Superskin Toners for aging, dark spots and acne.

TREAT: spotless


Treat away dark blemishes and give skin a lit-from-within radiance with Illuminants+ Brilliance Treatments and an Armada Sun + Light Screen (remember, indoor lights are proven to cause dark spots). 

MAKEUP: romantic flush


Skin Bloom Blush in “Smauve”


Subtle Shine Lipstick in “Girl Next Door


Skin Bloom Blush in “Bellini

Cheeks get a respite from hard chiseling with a beautiful, wintry (post makeout-session) flush: Skin Bloom Blush in peach “Bellini” or rose Smauve. Keep lips soft and dreamy with Subtle Shine Lipstick in dusky rose “Girl Next Door” (Georgia’s IRL favorite 🙂 

HAIR: low tousle


As we’re talking romance…dab a smidgen of Know-It-Oil virgin coconut oil on hair ends and  work into a messy low ponytail that looks like you’re sneaking back from under the bleachers.

WEAR WITH: ladylike polish

Hair and makeup this romantic and skin this radiant work perfectly with graphic patterns and a sweetly nostalgic shape (think cinched waist and full skirt).

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