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Your ‟dew” diligence.
Like a visit to the dentist's is to your daily brushing, these
clinically-sound facials give your skin the crucial cleaning
and deeper upkeep that it needs.
But this cleaning comes with frills (not drills): tranquility,
massages, and even a "skinvestment plan" customized just
for you. Quiet, private & soothing — a perfect "pause, please!"
to your daily hustle & bustle — each Vx Treatment
leaves you in a state of sublime ... and very
healthy ... skintoxication.
And because they were expertly created and are regularly
reviewed by dematologists at the VMV Skin Research
Centre + Clinic and our highly-trained estheticians, this bliss
is as safe and effective as can be.
The absolute best pat? Each Vx Treatment is carefully
crafted to work with — to bring out the very best of
— your daily at-home VMV regimen.
It’s time you got your dew.
Online: You'll be directed to our page
on Mind/Body Booking
By Phone: Call (212) 217 2762
Each Customized to Your Skin's Needs
Validated Hypoallergenic: VH -76/76
sans all common allergens, North American
Contact Dermatitis Group + European
Surveillance System on Contact Allergies.

100% All - Types - Of - Fragrance - Free.

Dye, Phthalate, Paraben, Preservative +

Over 75 published clinical studies.
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