…unless you want dirt and bacteria to build up at night.

You brush your teeth at the end of the day because they’ve been exposed to food and bacteria. Now ask yourself: what has your skin been exposed to?

Most of your skin spent the day protected from the elements (and general grossness) under clothing. But your face and hands have been taking in all the dirt and pollution. If you wear makeup, your face has been mixing it up with sweat plus all that dirt and pollution. In other words, your face isn’t just your most visible skin — it also, along with your hands, is the skin that gets the most abuse throughout the day.

Here’s the thing, too: chances are, you’ve washed your hands throughout the day…at least (we hope) after using the bathroom and before eating. But your face hasn’t gotten the same periodic cleansing.

Don’t allow the bacteria, pollution, makeup, and dirt to stay on your face for another 8 hours. In addition to rolling around in the filth of the day, those contaminants can irritate sensitive skin or cause acne.

You don’t go to sleep without brushing your teeth or washing your hands…you really shouldn’t to to sleep without cleansing your face. Your pores, partner, and sheets will love you for it.


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