Yciar Castillo

makeup artist
Manila, Philippines


Yciar is an independent makeup artist whose passion for her craft dates back to the day she was old enough to wear lipstick. A regular on top shoots around the country, Yciar also does makeup application tutorials on her YouTube channel. Our CEO Laura swears Yciar changed the way she does eye makeup forever. Yciar’s philosophy is: simple makeup application for the everyday woman. Makeup does not have to be complicated

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How long have you been a makeup artist? 
I graduated from makeup school in 2007 but didn’t pursue it as a full time profession until 2008 when I apprenticed with one of the country’s celebrity makeup artists for 2 years.


Why do you do it? 
I love the fact that each job I do is different.  Every job is a learning experience – whether it’s discovering a new technique, coming across a new product, or even something as simple as learning a new word or piece of trivia.  In my job, I can be creative while making people look and feel beautiful. 


What is your favorite VMV product? 
My favorite VMV products are:  Armada Face Cover 45 which  I use everyday to give me the sun protection I need but the best part is it dries matte making it a perfect base for makeup.   I also love the Id Monolaurin Gel.  This is a godsend on weeks when I have breakouts.  I also use it after shaving so I don’t get nasty razor burns.


You feel prettiest when…
Makeup still starts with skin.  I feel prettiest when my skin is in good shape and I can get away with wearing minimal concealer and a crème blush

Do you have any tips for makeup artistry fans out there?
For those who want to get into makeup artistry, it’s a lot of patience and hard work.  A lot of sacrifice and investment goes into the job especially when you are starting out.

Makeup tips for the makeup users: before even thinking about makeup, you should first focus on taking care of your skin.  It all starts from skincare.




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