By Ned Hourani

Traveling? Not near a gym? Just crazy busy? Here’s a great workout that can be done at home or on the road when you’re pressed for time. Because EVERYONE has 10 minutes.

What to know before you start…

  • What you need: Sneakers and about 10 minutes. That’s it. Smart additions are a soft surface like a yoga mat, rug or towel for floor work, a towel (you’ll need it!) and a bottle of water.
  • There are 3 segments or groups. Each segment has 3 exercises (9 exercises in total).
  • No rest between exercises: You can rest between segments but not between exercises in a segment. In other words, you need to finish 3 exercises before you can rest.
  • Rest between segments: If you need it, allow yourself up to 1 minute of rest, no more. As you get more fit, aim for just 5-10 seconds of rest in between segments.
  • Completing all 3 segments (9 exercises) should not take you more than 10 minutes…and is really good for you!
  • Do each trio — all 3 complete segments — once a day, every day.
  • Feel like more of a challenge? Add Ned’s 10-minute Heart-Thumping Workout to the this 10-Minute Anywhere Workout for a solid 20-minute conditioning session. Or, alternate between the two!

Let’s get started! Click on the right arrow on each image to go to the next segment.

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