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A Skincare Regimen Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

You spend time choosing your food and clothing, why not your skincare?

Like working out, it helps to know what your goals are, what you like/don’t like, and what may work best for you.

Basic skincare is fairly, well, basic: Cleanser, Toner (not if your skin is already dry), Moisturizer, Sunscreen.

But even a basic regimen improves significantly when you customize it to your skin type:

And that’s just when choosing a basic regimen!

If you have specific skin concerns, a more targeted skin care regimen may give you better results, faster, and for longer. In one of our most popular regimens for acne and acne scars, for example, we combine both acne treatments (salicylic acid and monolaurin) with pigmentation-lightening therapy and a daily, indoor-outdoor sunscreen made specifically for treated skin and opaque enough to help lighten dark spots.

Don’t be afraid to ask us for a skincare regimen targeted to your specific needs and skin goals — and even customized to your patch test results! Give us a call at (212) 217 2762, or click here to submit an inquiry, or drop us a Private Message on Facebook!

For more on how to customize your regimen and some of our most popular combined regimens, check out Combining Actives: Customize Your Skincare Regimen Like A Pro

Not sure how to apply skincare products? Check out Which Comes First, The Toner Or The Lotion? How To Apply Skincare In The Right Order

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“It is you and only you that creates your own happiness.”: Tao Philippines

By Alex Goldyn

“We do not guarantee that you will have a nice, relaxing time. In fact, we do not guarantee anything.”

Those certainly are not the words that you want to hear or read before a vacation trip, right? Wrong! This exact attitude of Tao Philippines towards their customers’ experience is what will make for some of the best moments in your life. They will make you realize that it is you and only you that creates your own happiness. They, however, provide a wonderful canvas for you to paint your story on, in the five days you spend aboard one of their boats.


What is Tao Philippines?  

It is two people with a vision; two people that saw an opportunity in the raw, undiscovered land of Palawan — arguably the most beautiful cluster of islands in the world; two people that found a connection with the native, fishing communities; two people that aimed to make a difference…and oh boy did they! Starting from just one restored boat over ten years ago, today Tao Philippines has a number of boats, from large native bangkas (local Philippine outriggers) to beautifully-designed sail boats, and involves many of the local people in a number of projects, from natural farming and fishing through sustainable usage of native building materials, organic soaps, coconut oil, jewelry production and massages. Everything involves extensive educational programs for the local community. Furthermore, all their employees receive comprehensive, detailed training and are involved in all the projects in order to broaden their skill set, so that later on they can move from one position to another and utilize their skills effectively. For example, a boatman can become a team leader of the expedition and then become a chef on board or on Tao Farm. It truly is a beautiful project that raises environmental awareness and the importance of land preservation for current and future generations of the local people, while creating wonderful job opportunities for those less privileged.


What can you, as a participant, expect from this experience? It’s best not to expect anything. Just bring an open mind and a lot of sunscreen with you!  They prefer for you not to ask where, when and how. They want you to go with the flow — the flow of nature and the flow of the ocean. It’s best to be prepared for the worst and later be bedazzled by the stunning landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking moments that are generously sprinkled along the journey. It’s best to take it all in as it is, feel it to the fullest, embrace what is odd and change your perspective as you flow.

During your time with Tao Philippines you will be cruising for five days between Coron and El Nido, stopping on inhabited or minimally-populated islands with stunning beaches. You’ll snorkel a few times a day on unspoiled coral reefs, swim alongside turtles, drink cold San Miguel beer while staring at the sunset. At night you will disembark to one of their base camps that are built in a native style with local materials, with minimal impact on the environment. Facilities are very simple but enough to make your night’s sleep extremely comfortable. I loved showering from small buckets or from old pumps. Simple also means that there are no mirrors. The first time you will look at your reflection after five days (no, selfies don’t count!) will provide for the most bizarre sensation…as though you are not you anymore, but that you are looking at yourself with the eyes of another human. Truly wonderful!


Sleeping arrangements depend on the particular camp and are different every night. It may be one communal hall with thin walls separating couples and boys and girls, or beautifully designed, arching, bamboo huts, or small huts built into the dramatic cliffs on one of many El Nido islands. You will continuously be fed the most amazing food that there is. During my trip, multiple times a day our skillful chef kept bringing more and more dishes and kept surprising us with new flavors and creative presentations. As a vegan, before the trip I set my mind on the possibility of eating just rice and simple salads for the five days, but I never felt more satisfied and ‘nutritioned up’ in all of my travels. Sometimes, as a vegan, it is hard to get all the nutrients while traveling but all the amazing fruit, curries and stir fries full of fresh veggies and spices kept me going and full of energy for endless amounts of snorkeling. Needless to say, for the carnivorous types there is a greater choice.  From all the sounds that my fellow travelers made around me with every meal, I take that everything tasted absolutely wonderful, too! Every morning there is never any rush to leave the base camp. All plans may change depending on the weather, group energy or the ocean conditions. The captain will take all of this into consideration and choose which route you will take and which base camp you will end up at later on. During your time with Tao you will be immersed in the raw, unspoiled beauty of the many islands as well as in the beautiful island communities and simple local life. The aim is to see no other tourists and get to know the Filipino style of living to the fullest.


What stuck with me the most was the most amazing crew ever.  They truly made this experience unforgettable and made me want to take another trip right away. I know that Filipino hospitality is number one in the world, but those guys really shined super bright. With their limitless supply of energy, positive and caring attitude, warm hearts, massive smiles, goofing around, playfulness and curiosity they made everybody fall in love with them. They truly are brilliant at what they do.


I almost feel as though I want to keep it all secret, all to myself. There is an internal dilemma of whether I should scream at the top of my lungs to every human I meet how amazingly wonderful this travel experience was, and sometimes I feel deeply compelled to keep it quiet, with a small hope that nobody will ever find out about it. But this place deserves all the goodness it can get! I want everybody to experience the fantastic hospitality of the Filipino culture, the beauty of their land. I want them to immerse fully in this journey and with that give back to the communities and have a chance to help make a difference together with Tao Philippines. At the same time, I am hopeful that, although accessible to everyone, it will be possible to keep this part of the country free from mass tourism. That the priority number one will be to make it all last forever for the generations to come. Big part of this experience is to immerse yourself totally and completely, have tons of fun whilst still staying responsible and respectful. Now go and plan your trip right away. One regret that I have was not singing karaoke in a tipsy turmoil. There is always next time. I am already plotting to go back…


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Some of Alex’s VMV faves include Skin Bloom Blush in Bellini, The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm, Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing MascaraSkintangible “BBBB Cream (BB But Better!) SPF 30 and Armada Post-Procedure Barrier Cream 50+.

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Wondering If You Need A Makeup Remover? You Do.

Because what goes on, must come off, and makeup removers do that faster and more completely than just cleansing. 

Why is this even important?

1) Makeup Isn’t Sleepwear

Some makeup (like Skintelligent Beauty) may be safer and more skin-loving than others that contain allergens and comedogens, but all makeup has to come off at the end of the day. Sleep is when your brain and body recover. Give your skin the same opportunity. Your skin uses this downtime to enjoy hours without exposure to dirt, pollution, other potential triggers and anything it doesn’t need. Your skin really benefits from the anti-inflammatory goodness of sleep, too. Let your skin rest. If you want to give your skin extra T.L.C., the only thing that should be on it is a moisturizer or treatment cream made for overnight use. The freshly cleansed surface and opened-up pores can enhance the absorption of humectants and actives, so your skin wakes looking and feeling healthier than when you went to bed!

2) Hygiene

Which part of your body is most exposed to the world? Your face! Your hands come into contact with germs and potential allergens most directly through touching and handling, but your face is almost always uncovered, getting the brunt of pollution and other airborne chemicals from dust, to pollen and fragrances. You also touch your face quite a bit, meaning there’s more transfer of “stuff” from your hands to your face than you might realize.

When you get home, in your normal bedtime routine of getting dressed, going to the bathroom, and brushing your teeth, chances are that you’ve washed your hands. For most of us, washing hands after using the toilet or before food preparation or brushing your teeth is second nature (if it isn’t, that’s a separate discussion altogether). But because you don’t handle things with your face, it tends to get forgotten. And it really shouldn’t be. If you haven’t washed your face, you’re taking everything that it was exposed to throughout the day (including what your hands transferred to it), to bed with you.

Give that thought some time to sink in. Your face is getting all the smog, bacteria, and more, pressed into it for hours. Even if you don’t sleep with your face pressed up against anything, your entire day will be sitting on your skin for hours. That’s six or more hours of undisturbed absorption of ick. Which also means hours and hours of stuff on your face that can clog your pores or cause allergic or irritant reactions. And that brings us to…

3) Sensitivity and Acne

Washing your face before going to bed should be as much of a habit as brushing your teeth. If you just don’t have the time or energy for that, at the very least take your makeup off. Either followed by a cleanser or used alone, a makeup remover gets your skin cleaner and is gentler on your skin than repetitive, excessing scrubbing.

Cleansing, even with our popular cream cleansers and scrubs, won’t completely remove makeup, especially if you’ve got a lot on. Using a makeup remover before cleansing makes sure you get all your makeup — and the topmost layer of the day’s grime — completely off your skin. Doing so reduces overall cleansing time, which can be a blessing for dry, sensitive skin.

Caution: some makeup removing wipes contain MCI/MI (methylchloroisothiazolinone/methylisothiazolinone), the top allergen behind the reactions to baby wipes that went viral few years ago. If you have acne-prone skin, avoid makeup removers (especially oils) that are comedogenic. And if you have sensitive skin, look out for other common allergens in the formulation, such as fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.

On the flip side, and allergen-free makeup remover can function as skincare beyond simple makeup removal. Our Skintelligent Beauty Makeup Removers are favorites among TV/stage performers and beauty editors alike for their efficacy (even with very heavy professional makeup), gentleness (even with frequent use), and skin-enhancing benefits such as acne-fighting monolaurin and deeply moisturizing organic virgin coconut oil.

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This Dad Uses Health & Fitness To Bond With Family

By Miguel Feuermann

Sports run in our family. 

Although many comment from the sidelines and think we are absolutely crazy because of what we do, we think ours is a super healthy dose of life!


With the kind of sports we do — gymnastics, swimming, triathlon, cycling, running, football and more — you can imagine what our home looks like. Water bottles everywhere, stretching aids, bosu balls, swiss balls, kettle bells, elastic bands, bikes, goggles, cycling shoes, helmets, wheels, sunscreen, nutritional supplements, running shoes (they line our floor everywhere: Nike, Saucony, Newton, Brooks, Hoka Hoka One…we are like the United Nations of running shoes!) Our washing machine operates on overtime 24/7 to keep up with the demands of our daily lives. Alone we couldn’t do it. We have a team for: logistics, nutrition/chef, talent manager (wife/mother), physio therapist, Masseur, Ironman training coach (online from Vancouver). Together, they make our lives much easier.

All this started approximately 8 years ago and has since become an addiction and part of our daily routine. Luckily, it is an addiction worth keeping.

As in most families, kids can pick up their parents’ habits. In our humble abode, it was no different. Ariel, who is turning 11 this year, took on the best habits of both mother and father.

A daredevil on her own, swimming became her sport from an early age. People recognized her ability and dolphin style…we couldn’t get her out of the water. We then introduced her to competition and she never looked back!


Our motto is to enjoy what you do to the fullest.

Results will come on their own. Apply yourself 100% in everything that you do. Results speak louder than words. Winning is the outcome of a well-executed training plan.

As a father who eats, breathes and sleeps the endurance sport of triathlon, I mentor Ariel whenever possible on the rigors of hard work, and the commitment and determination required to compete at a high level. Seeing her athletic development, her mental strength, and her confidence gives me tremendous satisfaction and provides me with a certain level of reassurance that we, as a TEAM, have chosen the correct path.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.12.33 AM

The endless early mornings, late nights, and long training sessions feel like nothing, especially when you are able to spend part of it together with your children.

As a dad, it means so much that I can celebrate how far we have come, how strong and united we are. And I hope that this is only the beginning of an awesome journey to last a lifetime.

Chat with Miguel about endurance racing, juggling training with a career and family
— and even kids’ triathlons! —
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A Fresh Start With Spring In Japan!

Sakura, or the cherry blossom, is Japan’s national flower. Celebrated by Japanese people of all ages, sakura are found in everything from textile patterns to a curious dessert flavor. Sakura blooms in March or April, and is even part of the daily weather forecast as the reporter announces where the “Cherry Blossom Front” has started. The Japanese business and school year starts in the spring, so Sakura also represents “graduation, “commencement,” “blessing,” and “joyous.” 


This joyous abundance signals that it’s time for a fresh start, a spring cleaning of the things that do not, as Marie Kondo would call it, “spark joy.” Take your skin care routine. Your skin, like the rest of our bodies, evolves over time. Take the cue from the blossoms — perhaps it’s time to transition back to the essentials. Re-evaluate what your skin needs (maybe even ask your doctor for a patch test if you’ve had a nagging skin issue for years), what your skin goals are, and redesign your targeted skincare regimen. 

Start with a Skin “Detox” to help your skin get back to its most non-irritated state. Then, choose from among our most popular regimens, or ask us to help customize a regimen for you! Give us a call at (212) 217 2762 or drop us a private message on Facebook, Ask VMV, or if you’re in Japan, shop at

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Reuse Your Skincare or Makeup Box As A Gift Box!

 There’s another reason to love our glue-free packaging: they double as really nice gift boxes…and other simple storage hacks!


After opening up your skincare or makeup, don’t throw out the box…because these pretty packages aren’t just about protecting your products. They can be re-used!

  1. Lay the box flat then bend it at each fold…the same folds, just the other way around.
  2. Ta-da! You now have a gift box perfect for VMV minis (what a great way to give stocking stuffers or just-thinking-of-you presents!), wallets, belts, neck ties, and more!

Other great uses for these versatile containers? Storing stuff that normally gets messy, tangled, or lost, like paper clips, metro transit cards, bobby pins, hair ties, frequent customer cards, sewing kits, jewelry, cable ties, even ear buds!


Kim is packaging development supervisor at VMV Hypoallergenics. It’s no easy job: in addition to product stability, compatibility with active ingredients, and sustainability, he has to filter out packaging with allergens that could trigger a reaction when touched, or possibly leech into our products! Kim’s done it regularly enough that we’s got his own hashtag in the office: #kimnovation! Follow him on Instagram for all things creative, travel, volunteerism, and positivity.

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Get A Patch Test Or Photo-Patch Test

This is one test that can change your life.

If you’ve had skin problems for years, a patch test is one of the most powerful tools to help you finally achieve clarity.

This painless procedure shows you exactly which ingredients or materials you, in particular, are sensitive or allergic to. A photo-patch test is similar but shows what is triggering your hyperpigmentation. The results from these tests can help you more accurately select products that do NOT cause your skin problems, and help you steer clear of ingredients (but also textiles, plants, and other substances) that you need to avoid, resulting in…

…no more (or far less frequent) redness, itching, and rashes;

…relief from chronically dry skin, scaling, and flaking;

…more consistent clarity in inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis;

…clarity of acne (allergens don’t clog pores the way comedogens do, but can irritate pores, causing infection and acne);

…more effective lightening of dark spots, blotches, and larger areas of skin.

Check out to learn more about patch tests and photo-patch tests.

To find a dermatologist near you who does patch tests, visit the American Contact Dermatitis Society.


Foundation Brush –

Thank you,, for including our patch-tested, animal-kind, sublimely soft foundation brush in “How To Choose Your Foundation Brush Based On The Finish You’re Seeking“! Flawless makeup application that’s paparazzi-ready 🙂 Check out for more makeup tips!

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Armada Moisturizing Protective Lip Balm –

Your lips need protection, too! Check out our Armada Moisturizing Protective Lip Balm in‘s “Viva Beauty: Summer is the mean season for beauty upkeep.“! Get more tips on how to keep your skin safe from the sun at NY Daily News!

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Armada Sport 50+ – Country 102.5

Sun damage is cumulative…meaning all exposure counts. Stay protected, apply sunscreen every day! Our ultra-popular, blockbuster Armada Sport 50+ is in Country 102.5‘s “The Big Screen: This Summer’s Blockbuster Hits: Part II” Thank you!

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