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Pause, please. 

40 years of published and awarded research on skin, hypoallergenicity, and clinically-effective care has led us more and more to this fact: what affects the skin is far more than what is applied on it.

Science is showing just how interdependent — how linked — all aspects of our health are. The care of skin cannot be separated from what we eat, how often we exercise, underlying health conditions, and how well we sleep and manage stress.

It’s time to pause, review, and share some of the most proven ways to care for all aspects of health — skin, body, and mind.


Bright Eyes! Check Out This Playful, Modern Look!

By Jess Arnaudin

This icy ultramodern look is playful while still being professional. Barely-there nude or clear lipstick balances out the aquamarine blue lids. And the great thing about this set is that the eyeshadow comes in a duo (and you can re-create this same look using the gold powder for equally beautiful results!)

To get this Ultramodern Playful Look…

Products you’ll need:


All validated hypoallergenic, of course…because we did say playful, not hurtful!

How To “Dew” It in 4 Steps:

Step 1. Prep Skin
Start with a light moisturizer such as Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer or a few drops of Know-It-Oil virgin coconut oil. Before the hydration has fully absorbed, use your clean fingertips to pat on Skin The Bluff Concealer in your unique shade (p.s. if you’re unsure, contact the NYC store; they are amazing at giving color match recommendations.) Use sparingly on areas such as under your eyes and to counteract any redness around your nose and chin.

Step 2. Playful Eyeshadows
Now it’s time for some fun! Add two drops of water to your Skintelligent Beauty Angled Eyeliner Brush then dip the brush into the blue shade in the Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo in Life’s a Beach eye shadow compact. Tap off any excess then press the pigment into your lashline starting at the middle of lid (above your pupil and iris). Continue to use short strokes with the angled brush to sweep color up and out to the edge of eye (think the cat-eye, but more subtle).

Step 3. Defined Eyebrows
Wipe your angled brush clean, because we’re using it again. This time, with the brush pick up color from the (H)eyebrow Eye + Brow Liner in the shade that best matches your natural brows. Use short hair-like strokes to fill in any sparse areas of your brow and add length to the ends. Brows should look more defined, but never too “drawn on” or stark.

Step 4. Finishing Touch
Using a Skintelligent Beauty Brow and Lash Groomer brush a small amount of Boo-Boo Balm into lashes. Brush upward and then smooth outward. You can play with the brush or comb side of the tool for slightly different results. Lastly, swipe the same Boo-Boo Balm product on your lips to soften and hydrate. Top off in Sheer Lip Tint in Honey-Honey and you’re golden!




Jess is an organic beauty coach and licensed esthetician, makeup artist, yoga teacher and beauty foodie! Follow her on instagram for her beautiful photography and expert tips for health, skin and soul!


Do I Need a Moisturizer If I Have Oily Skin?


Think of healthy moisture as vitamins for your skin: essential to its health and something your skin may not produce enough of on its own.

Oily skin, like all skin, needs healthy hydration. Even oily skin can experience water loss, barrier damage, and get dry and uncomfortable…

  • …in cold, dry weather;
  • …when over-treated with too many medicines, peels, or procedures;
  • …when irritated by using products with active ingredients incorrectly;
  • …or if irritated by using products with irritants or allergens (dryness can be a sign of contact dermatitis but is often mistakenly dismissed as “dry skin”).

Look for a moisturizer that won’t clog pores or add shine, but that will prevent water loss and care for your skin’s important barrier. An oil-free formulation is a great option. If you have very oily skin, an active treatment in cream or lotion form may provide you with adequate hydration while also providing anti-acne and other benefits.

Tip of the Week

Ultra-Simple Makeup Looks For Any Party!

Makeup trends turn with the seasons. But here are 3 looks perfect for any festive occasion that work every holiday season. They’re also incredibly easy to achieve, giving us less time in front of the mirror and more time celebrating with family and friends!

1. Red Wine Glow

The “no makeup” look is always popular, especially when set off with a dramatic lip. Spot conceal imperfections and even out your skin tone as lightly as possible. Try Skin-The-Bluff Concealer in you tone, but also try green Red Alert to cancel out redness, and yellow No More Blues for dark under-eye circles or hyperpigmentations. If you need more of a finish that still gives the look of bare skin, try Skintangible “BBBB” Cream.

Use the warmth of your fingers to blend the product seamlessly. Leave your contour powder in your makeup pouch and use a highlighter such as Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Stick in Luminous to add definition to your cheekbones.

Add color to this base with a bold lip. Wine-colored lips with an “undone” finish impart a very sensual pout inspired by Korean makeup trends. Dab concealer or foundation around the lip area to even out the skin. Grab your favorite deep red lipstick and first apply color onto the middle of your mouth then use a brush or your fingers to spread it outward until you achieve a gradation of red. I used Subtle Shine Lipstick in Rosette.

2. Warm n’ Peachy

Ditch those bronzers til spring! Use peach tones to warm up your skin instead. For a healthy, dewy-looking finish, your secret weapon is a crème blush. Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Sticks in Bellini and Georgia are a perfect mix not only for the cheeks but also for the eyes as a crème eyeshadow!

Draw a C from your temple down to your cheek with Bellini and dab Georgia on the apple of your cheek to add more dimension to the color. Take a foundation brush and blend the product into your skin. Match with a light peach Lip Gloss such as Smack which makes this look perfect for everyday.

3. Rockstar Eyes

Smoky eyes always make an appearance during Fall and Winter. Heavy black shadow reminiscent of the the rock era is perfect for nights out and never fails to give that glamorous vibe. Using a stiff bristle brush, gently deposit the Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo in Rockstar close to your lash line and slowly blend it outward to the crease of the eye. To finish up, use the same shadow to rim the lower lash line. Complement these intense eyes with Sheer Lip Tint in Bubblegum. Final tip: add just a dab of Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Blush Stick in Pant to cheeks for a very pretty winter flush that’s the right subtle warmth for this powerful look.


Yciar is a makeup artist and jewelry designer who’s all about family, adventure, and keeping it simple — her philosophy is “makeup does not have to be complicated.”  Follow her on instagram to be inspired!


Eat Right, Exercise, Daily Skincare Regimen: Healthy Habits To Look & Feel Your Best

Commit to a Daily Skin Regimen

Eating right & working out, there’s no other way to get the body you want…which already helps your skin look healthier and more vibrant. But for targeting problem areas and upping that glow, a daily skin care regimen is your best bet.

A daily regimen is simply the best thing for your skin. One way to think about it is in terms of weight loss, a healthy lipid profile and physical tone: you could get surgery or do a drastic diet and see instant, remarkable results. But remission is common; many people who go through extreme weight loss gain it back. Whether or not you undergo a radical procedure, you need a lifestyle change of improved nutrition and daily exercise if you want to keep the weight off and stay healthier, longer.

This daily care over more drastic procedures works for your skin, too. Dermatological procedures and a monthly facial definitely give your skin a boost — and can even clear severe or stubborn concerns dramatically. But, problems frequently recur without a real change in skin habits. There is no replacement for a daily skin regimen to a) keep skin healthy; b) help you achieve your skin goals; and c) sustain the results over a longer period of time.

What’s in a basic regimen? Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Sunscreen. There are loads of options to address your skin’s needs and your skin goals. Overwhelmed? Start with the minimum requirement of safety: look for products that are hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of a rash or irritation (which a lot of people don’t know can lead to excessive dryness and even dark splotches) and non-comedogenic (to prevent acne).

Want more information on how to choose a regimen? Check out A Skincare Regimen Isn’t One-Size Fits All.


Beauty Skin

Why Is Coconut Oil So Great at Removing Makeup?

We already know that virgin coconut oil — specifically pure, organic (not RBD, or Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) VCO — is a godsend for very sensitive or reacting skin. But why is it so good at removing makeup?

First, Less Removes More:

You need less of it to remove a lot of makeup…even heavy performance makeup intended to survive dance and other physical exertions under hot stage lights. The oil’s molecules bond to dirt and makeup very well, which explains why it’s so good at clearing so quickly. This is important for sensitive skin because repetitive rubbing or excessive cleansing can increase the risk of a reaction.

Second, Organic VCO is Non-Allergenic:

While there have been some reports of reactions to RBD coconut oil, or oils with allergens and additives, there are no reports of reactions to pure, organic, cold-pressed VCO.

Third, It’s Non-Comedogenic:

Old reports of coconut oil causing acne were from rabbit-ear tests, that have since been repeatedly repudiated by newer clinical studies on people and with actual use.

Fourth, It Heals As It Cleans:

As it cleans your face, VCO gifts your skin with so much goodness, chief among them, soothing, deep, intensive moisturization and anti-inflammatory care.

Featured Healthy Living

Costa Rica, Landscape Photography, the Soul…and Sunscreen!

Laura Muller Steinvorth from DermatALLogy is a skincare distributor based in Costa Rica — distributor for VMV Hypoallergenics, in fact! As someone who thrives outdoors, Laura is adamant about sharing the important of proper skin protection to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Her passion for landscape photography and painting runs deep, and we love how she uses light to emphasize the earth’s wonders. Her art is inspired by nature and feeds the soul. Here — while well protected from the sun! — she shares the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica.

How did you get started with landscape photography?

I started learning photography about 8 years ago when my husband and I were traveling all over. Back then I felt a powerful need to explore the world and share its wonders as well as my experiences with my loved ones. In all aspects of my life, a strong sense of curiosity has pushed me to explore new territories, and sharing experiences with people is one of my greatest sources of happiness. Then, photography evolved into something new. A way for me to awaken something lost in many people: our bond with nature. I wrote the following words in the website I created for my oil paintings and photographs:

“There is so much beauty left around us and so little time to see it all. I am fortunate enough to have seen a great part of it and want to share my experience with the entire world. By using light as my medium, I hope to fascinate your eyes and share with you the most beautiful emotions which moved me and which will probably echo in your own soul. “

That is beautiful. And we are moved! What inspires your art?

This is something quite hard to put into words. I would say that a part of me belongs to the nature I am trying to capture. We are one and the and the same. The amazement I feel for nature’s wonders is what inspires my art.

When I am in the great outdoors, I feel in complete communion with my surroundings. It is a sort of meditation; a way to come back to my origins, our origins. Photography taking is a way for me to capture pieces of Earth’s wonders, share them with the world, and keep them as treasures, memories of passed moments when I felt whole.

That intimacy, that oneness, comes through and may explain why we feel so connected, so quickly, with your art. Could you share your all-time top 3 tips for someone just starting out in photography?

1. Don’t go crazy buying expensive equipment straight away! First of all, any good photographer will be able to take amazing pictures with ANY camera, even point-and-shoots. Second of all, if you are just starting you probably lack the knowledge to judge exactly what lens is the perfect fit to your photography style. Take your time to learn the basics, develop your own styles and then upgrade your equipment little by little!

2. If you love taking pictures of nature like me, then my 2nd lens would definitely be an ultra-wide-angle f2.8. These lenses will blow your mind!

3. Enjoy the learning process! The best part about being a photographer is to continually learn new things, explore new styles, new photography objects.

We are all about the learning process, and share that love with you for sure. And there’s no better tip than not splurging! Is there any place left on your bucket list that you’d like to photograph?

New Zealand without a doubt!


New Zealand is on our bucket list, too, as a place we’d love to set up VMV! Speaking of setting up: you recently moved to Costa Rica from Europe. What’s your favorite discovery so far?

Costa Rica accounts for only 0.03% of the earth’s surface but contains close to 6% of the world’s biodiversity! This is partly due to the huge number of micro-climates in the country. Discovering them all one by one is fascinating! You can literally drive an hour away from the capital and be on top of a volcano, or in a cloud forest, or on a beautiful beach. Costa Rica is the paradise of landscape photographers!

For someone who’s travels and photographed so much, that’s saying something! What are your favorite places to recommend to someone visiting Costa Rica for the first time?

You are making it hard for me! There are literally a thousand places I love in Costa Rica! But if I had to get it down to the most breathtaking ones:

  1. Corcovado National Park
  2. Coco Island
  3. Monteverde National Park
  4. Río Celeste National Park
  5. San José de la Montaña
  7. Rincón de la Vieja National Park
  8. Barva Volcano
  9. Poas Volcano

Oof, I could carry on and on…

We’ll badger you for the full list later! 🙂 Do you have any tips when exploring the great outdoors?

  1. Bring a 2nd camera battery!
  2. Try to stop now and then to take in the moment and the beauty around you. Re-center yourself and feel that you are alive, enjoying the present, no matter what may come tomorrow!
  3. Know where you are going! Three years ago, my husband and I started a supposedly 2-hour “walking trail” and ended up 8 hours climbing rocks to reach the top of the Mount Mansfield Mountain where there was Arctic Tundra, no gondola to take us back down, and all we had was a cereal bar and a bottle of Aloe Vera! Crazy story.


So you’re not just an artist but a legit adventurer as well! You and your husband travel a lot, what are your favorite VMV products that you pack as a couple, and why do you like using them?

Armada Face & Body Shield 60! We love it! Not only is the texture is very agreeable, but it does not leave the skin oily and does not have any smell. I feel protected against the elements the whole day and my skin is well-hydrated!


“Where In The World Is Your Armada” and “Armada Travels” are fave fan hashtags for the same reason 🙂 What is one VMV product you cannot live without? 

I just cannot live without the Essence Skin-Saving Antiperspirant. It simply works for everything and anything, from my hands to my feet. I feel fresh the whole day, and most importantly do not experience any burns or allergic reactions! Totally recommended!


Follow Laura for beautiful art and breathtaking landscape photography!

 Laura Muller Steinvorth

 Laura Muller Steinvorth

Beauty Featured Skin

A VMV Mother’s Day Tribute: #MomSavedMySkin

Mothers are heroes and they’ve saved us in more ways than you can count. We asked VMV Hypoallergenics moms and daughters how their moms saved their skins. These are some of their “skinsights”!

Photo courtesy of Marie-Julie Ona.

Marie-Julie Ona

What beauty and skincare tip has your mom given you?
Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, décolleté and hands as well!

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
There are so many things I want to tell my daughter. Makeup is just a fun way to celebrate your moods. But don’t wear too much of it — it’ll make you look older!


Photo courtesy of Kristen Bechara

Kristen Bechara

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
I haven’t been able to have any beauty talks with my daughter yet, but when she is old enough I hope she will be comfortable in her skin. And love herself flaws and all. For more practical advice, I’ll teach her to read labels for any product she is putting on (or in) her body. It’s important to know about your skincare, as skin is your body’s largest organ! 

Which VMV products have saved your skin?
For me personally, I think the Essence Antiperspirant is amazing and really has no competitor or substitute. I also use Red Better for my rosacea. My kids use only VMV products since birth: Clark Wash/Grandma Minnie shampoo, Lotion, Know-It-Oil.
Photo courtesy of Nicole Fandiño.

 Nicole Fandiño

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
Take good care of your skin. Tans fade, wrinkles don’t. 😉

Which VMV products have saved your skin?
Armada is <3.
Photo courtesy of Yuba Reichard.

Yuba Reichard

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
You are perfect just the way you are and to start taking care of your skin from an early age.
Which VMV products have saved your skin?
The Id Monolaurin Gel for acne and breakouts.
Photo courtesy of Rocio Duarte.

Rocio Duarte on mom, Joanna Duarte

How has your mom saved your skin?
She was the one who encouraged me to start taking care of it. Without her, my skin would be a lot worse off than it is now.
What is one beauty or skincare tip your mom has given you?
Pretty basic, but she made it a habit for me to have a solid and effective routine. It doesn’t have to be complex — just cleansing and toning (and occasionally exfoliating) works for me.
Do you have any VMV products you share with your mom?
We share the Superskin 2 Toner. Actually, that was the very first product she told me to use when I first began taking care of my skin!
Photo courtesy of Mireya Vazquez-Prada.

Mireya Vazquez-Prada on mom, Tina Ansaldo-Cruz

How has your mom saved your skin?
My mom can handle any situation with confidence and ease. When things go wrong, I usually have a “What would mom do?” moment and that’s usually enough to pull me through.
What is one beauty or skincare tip your mom has given you?
Less is more. Once you find a routine that works for you, strip it down to the essentials. My mom’s philosophy is that the best makeup routine is a good skincare routine, and I’m starting to love the natural look more and more. Also: drink loads of water! It’s so easy to forget that some of the most important care happens under your skin, not on top of it.
Do you have any VMV products you share with your mom?
While I am a sun worshipper and my mom is definitely not, we completely agree that Armada sunscreens are absolutely essential. They are products I’ve literally grown up with — from Armada Baby to Armada Sport and now the classic — and become our gold standard for sun protection. You’ll also find us using id monolaurin gel all the time. It’s the absolute best for spots and sweat acne.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, and to all those who mother. We straight-up LOVE you and wish you a day of pure “skindulgence”!


I Need a Moisturizer But Have Acne!

Throw me a line…I need a moisturizer but have “bumpy” issues!

You’re in luck! Because moisturizers spread easily and sit on the skin for a long time, and tend to be absorbed well, they’re a great way to hit two birds with one stone: moisturization plus active therapy!

How to choose? These 3 rules won’t let you down:

First, start with a non-comedogenic formulation. There are even oil-free options that lock in healthy hydration without clogging pores.

Next, look for active ingredients that are clinically-proven clarifiers such as the beta-hydroxy acid and coconut-derived monolaurin in Id Oil-Free Clarifying Lotion.

Finally, make sure that the formulation does not contain allergens or irritants. While allergens do not clog pores the way comedogens do, they can irritate pores, which can lead to infection and acne.

“Skinsider” Tip:

“Hypoallergenic” helps all treatments. Active ingredients can be irritating on their own. Keeping the rest of the formulation free of allergens means that these effective ingredients can be used at proper concentrations without increasing the risk of an irritation, which can force you to stop treatment or cause other problems.



Body Acne: Why?

Some people get acne on the body, such as on the chest, arms, back (“bacne”), posterior (“butt-ne”), and thighs. Acne on the body can be less of a pain because it’s easier to hide than acne on the face. If you have both, it can be doubly (triply!) frustrating.

Some common causes of body acne:

  • Body acne can be simply clogged and irritated pores due to comedogens or allergens in products applied on or near the skin. Note that allergens and irritants don’t clog pores the way comedogens do but can irritated them, resulting in infection.
  • Certain drugs, vitamins or nutritional supplements can cause body acne.
  • Steroidal acne can occur on the body.
  • Body acne can be a condition called pityrosporum folliculitis (PF) or “sweat acne.” If it is PF, traditional antibiotics won’t work because pityrosporum is a fungus. We all have pityrosporum living naturally on our skins, in a healthy balance with other microorganisms. If you tend to wash your skin with a lot of antiseptics or antimicrobials, or have taken antibiotics so that the population of the natural bacteria has been depleted, pityrosporum can go a little haywire. Pityrosporum also feeds on sweat. If you happen to be really sweaty or highly active, this fungus can go on a feeding frenzy, overpopulate, and clog pores.
  • Other conditions can be mistaken for acne, such as keratosis pilaris (bumps on the arms). KP requires very different therapy so make sure you get the right diagnosis.

How to clear body acne?

  • Avoidance can help! Steer clear of comedogens and allergens in ALL products that you use on your skin: makeup, skincare…even products not normally associated with the skin such as hair care.
  • A simple regimen formulated for both face and body acne like Id Clarifying System can tackle multiple types of acne from head to toe.
  • Ask your doctor if your medication or vitamins could be acnegenic, and if alternatives might work for you. As always, do not stop or change your medication without your doctor’s clearance.
  • If you notice acne on sweaty areas like the chest, back, thighs, or posterior, consider a product with monolaurin like Id Monolaurin Gel to clear the bumps.