Know-It-Oil and Boo-Boo Balm –

To err is human, to make it right, “dew”vine! Late with a gift? Make it right with gifts that are extra special and so packed with love and goodness they’ll think Christmas was extended just for them! 🙂 Thank you,, for guiding us to the most refined gifts!

“VMV’s Know-It-Oil is a GofG favorite. Rachelle’s holiday pick for two years in a row…VMV makes excellent products for all, and especially for sensitive skin. Its Boo-Boo Balm is a perennial favorite suitable for adults and children. It does it all—soothes and heals cuts and wounds; moisturizes chapped lips, cuticles, and nostrils; tames eyebrows in a pinch. (We love using it on our heels when new boots and sandals cut them up!) And how adorable is the packaging?…

…P.S.: VMV’s little NYC store (227 Mott Street) is so charming! It’s a cozy family-run shop and one-room spa with incredibly warm customer service. Consider it your new secret haven for clean products and relaxing services.”


By Laura

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