Some makeup may be safer and more skin-loving than others that contain allergens and comedogens, but ALL makeup has to come off at the end of the day.

The obvious reasons, we already know: keeping makeup on overnight is keeping your entire day on overnight. For sensitive skin, increased exposure to anything can increase the risk of a flare, or of developing an irritant or allergic reaction. For acne-prone skin, leaving “stuff” on means more chances of clogging pores.

What might be less obvious is that sleep itself benefits your skin, too, and it’s best to let sleep do its important work without any distractions or hurdles. Sleep is when your brain and body recover. Give your skin the same opportunity.

Your skin uses this downtime to enjoy hours without exposure to dirt, pollution, other potential triggers, and anything it doesn’t need. In “sleep mode,” your skin (as your brain and body do) attempts to repair cellular damage from the day. Your skin benefits from the anti-inflammatory goodness of sleep, too. Let your skin rest.

If you want to give your skin extra T.L.C., the only thing that should be on it is a product made for overnight use. The skin’s freshly-cleansed surface and opened-up pores can enhance the absorption of humectants and actives, so your skin wakes looking and feeling healthier than when you went to bed!

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