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Grooming is in. I like the term grooming because I think that men are more likely to be open to “grooming” than to makeup. Makeup can seem like it’s for women only, and that it would be awkward to wear. I see this a lot on shoots with men who try to avoid “the makeup chair.” Grooming, on the other hand, is basic care. Brushing your hair, washing your face, even wearing a well-pressed shirt is “grooming.” And that’s how most makeup for men works. It helps hide what you want to hide, so that you look like you, just neater and more polished, well rested, and energized.


Me, with model Karl Kramer


With Manny V. Pangilinan, Chairman of PLDT-SMART, the largest telecommunications and digital services company in the Philippines.


A lot of people think that putting makeup on a woman is harder than putting a makeup on a man. But I find applying makeup on men more difficult because you need to make sure that they look natural — their makeup often needs to look like no makeup at all. As a makeup artist, I find that achieving this is highly dependent on using the right products.


Karl Kramer | Patrick Henry, stylist | Dauson Bermtay, designer | Chester Veloso, photographer

Some of the products that I use for grooming are concealer/correctors, foundation, powder, blush, contour kit, eyebrow products and lipstick. Choosing the right products is really tricky because, for the most part, makeup that isn’t obviously makeup works best. I also usually consider the effect of the products on the skin (I don’t want to harm my client’s or the model’s skin, so as much as possible, I choose products that are hypoallergenic). Even the shade of the lipstick is really important. Men are really particular about that.


Actor, endorser, influencer Teejay Marquez | Patrick Henry, stylist | Dave Arden, associate stylist | Meanne Santos-Ong, wardrobe | Chester Veloso, photographer


So, guys…what are you waiting for? There is no harm in trying makeup if it helps boost your confidence. Many of the newer formulations are so good for your skin and lips that they really are more about grooming than anything else. You can say with all honesty that the great new concealer you’re using to hide the dark circles under your eyes is actually just a cream…that happens to do a great job at making you look less tired!

Our recommendations for makeup for men:

Skintangible “BBBB Cream” (BB But Better): Basically a multi-benefit, oil-free skin cream that’s so barely tinted, it almost disappears into the skin but leaves the complexion evened out and brighter. It’s got an anti-acne ingredient, anti-aging antioxidants, and it’s SPF 30, too. Quick tip: smooth skin is a better base for any makeup. Check out our 1635 Gentle Men’s (Therapeutic) Shaving products that double as skincare.

Skin-The-Bluff Concealer: Choose the green color, “Red Alert,” to cancel out redness, then dab on N1, N2, or N3 (depending on your skin tone) to camouflage zits and red patches. Choose the yellow shade, “No More Blues,” for dark under-eye circles (seriously, the best thing for meetings the morning after a late night out).

Sheer Lip Tint: Barely-there hints of color in formulations that are basically lip balms. Still too much of a leap? The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm is a fave for lip care and just a hint of shine…plus it’s a virtual skin “swiss army knife” you can keep on you for post-sports scrapes, dry cuticles, wounds, cuts, and more.


Sharms is a freelance hair and makeup artist, image consultant at John Robert Powers, and events manager. Mom to Taz and Benny, Sharms is an avid mountaineer (“MOMtaineer”!) who loves to travel.

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[…] Skincare Blog & Lifestyle | VMV Inskin » Read articles on skin treatment and skin lifestyle fro…. Man makeup runs the gamut from Johnny Dep guylining to the more complete foundation-brows-lipstick face that's all the rage in Korean ("K-Wave") pop culture. Maybe the idea of color freaks you out but you've been curious about corrective makeup: subtler foundations, complexion refiners and concealers that cover acne, make the skin look smoother and brighter, and help you look less exhausted or hung over. If even that's too much for you, you might find yourself needing it for a photoshoot — for an interview, with the family, or for your LinkedIn profile — and then it helps to know a little, so your makeup doesn't look too much. Makeup artist Sharms De Castro shares some some of her tips for grooming. […]

Is it ok to put this after Armada SPF 50 or would this suffice in lieu of it? I’m using Illuminants and Armada 50 is too white for me. And if I use this one, do I need to use a make up remover before washing my face?

Hi Kelvin!

Thank you for contacting VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® and for giving us the chance to help.

The happy answer is: you’re spoiled with a choice. 🙂 Skintangible “Faint”ation Skin – Refining Non-Makeup already provides SPF 30 mineral sunscreen protection and can be used alone. Adding the Armada on top is also great as it ups your protection, particularly when outdoors or at the beach, but it is optional. In either case, when outdoors, please remember to reapply after every hour or two, and after sweating, water immersion, and toweling off.

Any of our cream cleansers or cleansing scrubs can wash off both products well. If you happen to have a day of repetitive application of the Skintangible or have combined it with concealer or powder for more coverage (or if you have very dry or sensitive skin that does better with less cleansing), one of our Makeup Removers is a good idea before cleansing (

We hope this has been helpful. Please let us know how else we may be able to assist you.


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