Throw me a line…I need a moisturizer but have “bumpy” issues!

You’re in luck! Because moisturizers spread easily and sit on the skin for a long time, and tend to be absorbed well, they’re a great way to hit two birds with one stone: moisturization plus active therapy!

How to choose? These 3 rules won’t let you down:

First, start with a non-comedogenic formulation. There are even oil-free options that lock in healthy hydration without clogging pores.

Next, look for active ingredients that are clinically-proven clarifiers such as the beta-hydroxy acid and coconut-derived monolaurin in Id Oil-Free Clarifying Lotion.

Finally, make sure that the formulation does not contain allergens or irritants. While allergens do not clog pores the way comedogens do, they can irritate pores, which can lead to infection and acne.

“Skinsider” Tip:

“Hypoallergenic” helps all treatments. Active ingredients can be irritating on their own. Keeping the rest of the formulation free of allergens means that these effective ingredients can be used at proper concentrations without increasing the risk of an irritation, which can force you to stop treatment or cause other problems.


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