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The Neo Natural

Natural needn’t mean tousled.

Fresh-faced makeup that’s polished enough for work? #candew!

Get this glow-rious look that works as well next to the pool as next to your boss…and doesn’t take half a day.

Start with the mainstays of bronzed skin and sunny cheeks (courtesy of a soft, generous wash — as opposed to defined chiseling — of a warm blush).

Extend the sunny disposition to the lids with a gold-coral-copper shadow but get sleek with tightlining on the top lash line, a glossy nude lip, and simple, yet put-together hair.


Tarte-à-Tan Bronzing “Coco” Powder; Skin Bloom Blush in Heat; Two True Hues Eyeshadow in Dallas; (H)Eyebrow Brow & Eyeliner; Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara; Lip Gloss in Slip.


Our Founding Dermatologist-Dermatopathologist on Avoiding The Sun – Yahoo Vida y Estilo

No surprises here…what’s a an ancient anti-aging skincare tip from many parts of Asia? Sun shunning! Our founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist on Yahoo Vida y Estilo!



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Multi-Function Skin & Beauty Wonders You NEED In Your Bag Every Day!

What skincare and beauty essentials should live in your bag? There’s no one combo that’s ideal for everyone but we know that it’s the multi-function products that save the day!

Between work and errands, we know bag space is valuable real estate. Check out our suggestions for the most valuable multi-tasking products to keep in your bag if you’re…

…the Every-Ready Betty (the busy career woman, gal about town or no-time mom; you need everything to cover the busiest of days, from gym to work, cocktails…and possibly kids’ parties, too!),

…the Snapchatter (aka, the Teen), and

Shredded Sister (fitness is your life).

What Multi-Tasking Skin & Beauty Musts Should You Keep In Your Bag?