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Ultra-Simple Makeup Looks For Any Party!

Makeup trends turn with the seasons. But here are 3 looks perfect for any festive occasion that work every holiday season. They’re also incredibly easy to achieve, giving us less time in front of the mirror and more time celebrating with family and friends!

1. Red Wine Glow

The “no makeup” look is always popular, especially when set off with a dramatic lip. Spot conceal imperfections and even out your skin tone as lightly as possible. Try Skin-The-Bluff Concealer in you tone, but also try green Red Alert to cancel out redness, and yellow No More Blues for dark under-eye circles or hyperpigmentations. If you need more of a finish that still gives the look of bare skin, try Skintangible “BBBB” Cream.

Use the warmth of your fingers to blend the product seamlessly. Leave your contour powder in your makeup pouch and use a highlighter such as Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Stick in Luminous to add definition to your cheekbones.

Add color to this base with a bold lip. Wine-colored lips with an “undone” finish impart a very sensual pout inspired by Korean makeup trends. Dab concealer or foundation around the lip area to even out the skin. Grab your favorite deep red lipstick and first apply color onto the middle of your mouth then use a brush or your fingers to spread it outward until you achieve a gradation of red. I used Subtle Shine Lipstick in Rosette.

2. Warm n’ Peachy

Ditch those bronzers til spring! Use peach tones to warm up your skin instead. For a healthy, dewy-looking finish, your secret weapon is a crème blush. Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Sticks in Bellini and Georgia are a perfect mix not only for the cheeks but also for the eyes as a crème eyeshadow!

Draw a C from your temple down to your cheek with Bellini and dab Georgia on the apple of your cheek to add more dimension to the color. Take a foundation brush and blend the product into your skin. Match with a light peach Lip Gloss such as Smack which makes this look perfect for everyday.

3. Rockstar Eyes

Smoky eyes always make an appearance during Fall and Winter. Heavy black shadow reminiscent of the the rock era is perfect for nights out and never fails to give that glamorous vibe. Using a stiff bristle brush, gently deposit the Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo in Rockstar close to your lash line and slowly blend it outward to the crease of the eye. To finish up, use the same shadow to rim the lower lash line. Complement these intense eyes with Sheer Lip Tint in Bubblegum. Final tip: add just a dab of Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Blush Stick in Pant to cheeks for a very pretty winter flush that’s the right subtle warmth for this powerful look.


Yciar is a makeup artist and jewelry designer who’s all about family, adventure, and keeping it simple — her philosophy is “makeup does not have to be complicated.”  Follow her on instagram to be inspired!


Turn Drab Into FAB With These Four Gorgeous Looks!

The cold and dark can make it hard to get back into the rhythm of a new year…or to get out of bed! What can help? Makeup tricks that are super quick but deliver maximum impact. They help you get out of the door quicker but not look like you rushed it. Powerful makeup can be a great mood-booster, too, so you don’t just look more vibrant but actually feel like you’re ready to conquer the day. We asked master of simple makeup and busy mom Yciar Castillo for tips. Check out her winter beauty toolbox for us slow starters below.

by Yciar Castillo

Winter is the perfect season to use the year’s different makeup trends as inspiration to change up your look for the parties of the season, battling cold-weather blues, and starting the year of with confidence! Here are four easy looks to achieve (each one selfie-friendly, too!):

1. Classic Red Lips Against Dewy Skin


First, even out skin tone with Skintangible “Faint”ation Skin-Refining Non-Makeup SPF30. This will give you light coverage with a fresh, dewy finish. Lightly fill-in brows — try (H)Eyebrow Brow Eye + Brow Liner in “Blonde” to make them look full but natural. Sweep on two coats of Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara to emphasize lashes. Lastly, use a vivid Velvet Matte Lipstick to paint those luscious lips red-red (I used “Light My Fire” here.)


2. Barely-There Lips & Winter Cheeks


Once done with your base (see above), dab some crème blush or lipstick on your cheeks and spread, making them look naturally flushed and dewy. Then coat puckers with a skin-toned Lip Gloss such as “Slip” just to give them some definition and shine. *For cheeks, we tried Yciar’s tip with both slip and Subtle Shine Lipstick in “Fifi,” above. For an even subtler lip but maxed-out care, try The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm (alone or on top of your lipstick!) – Ed.


3. Sunset-Hued Eyeshadow


Copper shadow is all the rage this season. Make those peepers more interesting by sweeping Eyeshadow in “Dallas” on your lids and blend seamlessly. The idea is to give your eyes a bit of color while still looking natural…that the sunny color makes eyes look more awake and is such a mood lifter doesn’t hurt either.

4. Holy Smokes


This is when you don’t fight the chill…you own it. A strong smoky eye is ideal for a fierce night out. And the heavy glamor factor psychs you up when the cold makes you want to party down with your sofa, Netflix, and a big bag of popcorn. This season, the focus is on the lower lash. Tightline those eyes (line the wet, inner areas of the line), making sure you deposit a lot of product on the bottom. With a pencil brush, use a black eyeshadow such Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo in “Rockstar” to heavily smudge the lower lashline. Finish off with generous coats of Ooh-La-Lash! mascara.


Yciar is a makeup artist and jewelry designer who’s all about family, adventure, and keeping it simple — her philosophy is “makeup does not have to be complicated.”  Follow her on instagram to be inspired!

Beauty Skin

Man Makeup

Grooming is in. I like the term grooming because I think that men are more likely to be open to “grooming” than to makeup. Makeup can seem like it’s for women only, and that it would be awkward to wear. I see this a lot on shoots with men who try to avoid “the makeup chair.” Grooming, on the other hand, is basic care. Brushing your hair, washing your face, even wearing a well-pressed shirt is “grooming.” And that’s how most makeup for men works. It helps hide what you want to hide, so that you look like you, just neater and more polished, well rested, and energized.


Me, with model Karl Kramer


With Manny V. Pangilinan, Chairman of PLDT-SMART, the largest telecommunications and digital services company in the Philippines.


A lot of people think that putting makeup on a woman is harder than putting a makeup on a man. But I find applying makeup on men more difficult because you need to make sure that they look natural — their makeup often needs to look like no makeup at all. As a makeup artist, I find that achieving this is highly dependent on using the right products.


Karl Kramer | Patrick Henry, stylist | Dauson Bermtay, designer | Chester Veloso, photographer

Some of the products that I use for grooming are concealer/correctors, foundation, powder, blush, contour kit, eyebrow products and lipstick. Choosing the right products is really tricky because, for the most part, makeup that isn’t obviously makeup works best. I also usually consider the effect of the products on the skin (I don’t want to harm my client’s or the model’s skin, so as much as possible, I choose products that are hypoallergenic). Even the shade of the lipstick is really important. Men are really particular about that.


Actor, endorser, influencer Teejay Marquez | Patrick Henry, stylist | Dave Arden, associate stylist | Meanne Santos-Ong, wardrobe | Chester Veloso, photographer


So, guys…what are you waiting for? There is no harm in trying makeup if it helps boost your confidence. Many of the newer formulations are so good for your skin and lips that they really are more about grooming than anything else. You can say with all honesty that the great new concealer you’re using to hide the dark circles under your eyes is actually just a cream…that happens to do a great job at making you look less tired!

Our recommendations for makeup for men:

Skintangible “BBBB Cream” (BB But Better): Basically a multi-benefit, oil-free skin cream that’s so barely tinted, it almost disappears into the skin but leaves the complexion evened out and brighter. It’s got an anti-acne ingredient, anti-aging antioxidants, and it’s SPF 30, too. Quick tip: smooth skin is a better base for any makeup. Check out our 1635 Gentle Men’s (Therapeutic) Shaving products that double as skincare.

Skin-The-Bluff Concealer: Choose the green color, “Red Alert,” to cancel out redness, then dab on N1, N2, or N3 (depending on your skin tone) to camouflage zits and red patches. Choose the yellow shade, “No More Blues,” for dark under-eye circles (seriously, the best thing for meetings the morning after a late night out).

Sheer Lip Tint: Barely-there hints of color in formulations that are basically lip balms. Still too much of a leap? The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm is a fave for lip care and just a hint of shine…plus it’s a virtual skin “swiss army knife” you can keep on you for post-sports scrapes, dry cuticles, wounds, cuts, and more.


Sharms is a freelance hair and makeup artist, image consultant at John Robert Powers, and events manager. Mom to Taz and Benny, Sharms is an avid mountaineer (“MOMtaineer”!) who loves to travel.

Beauty Brand Ambassadors Featured

Tor Torre, Makeup Artist

Tor Torre

makeup artist
Manila, Philippines


Tor Torre is a premiere makeup artist based in Manila. Initially trained at the London Academy of Radio Film and TV, his professional career has led him to work on fashion shows in Manila and brought him all over the South East Asian region doing TV commercials. In 2012, he sought further studies at Makeup Designory in SoHo, New York, and upon returning to the Philippines continued an independent practice. Today, he leads his own artistic team, FACE the studio, and continues to regularly handle talk-show host, Suzi Entrata-Abrera.  Tor is also a founding partner of ILAYA heritage farms, an organic pig farming project in the island of Marinduque, Philippines (isn’t that just wonderful?). On the side, Tor enjoys backpacking when bitten by the travel bug.

We’ve worked with Tor quite a bit for VMV Hypoallergenics shoots…and his artistry is only one reason. He’s an incredibly nice, kindhearted person. His empathy permeates the set. You’ll see his beautiful work in many of our ads and images…what you may not know is how instrumental his calm, positive energy is in every shot 🙂 #goodnessbegetsgoodness

Check out Tor’s blog for great tips on skincare and makeup, and follow him on Instagram for his beautiful travel photos and cool videos of skincare application tips!



How long have you been a makeup artist?

I have been working professionally as a makeup artist since 2007. When I first started, I was lucky enough to have been a part of a makeup artistic team that did fashion shows for top Filipino and world-renowned designers; Inno Sotto, Josie Natori, BENCH, Cary Santiago and Michael Cinco just to name a few. That was good training ground for me. Over the years, I have managed to work mostly in various TV commercial productions throughout the Southeast Asian region and on a few magazine shows in a local network in the Philippines. It has been an interesting journey.

Some of Tor’s work with VMV Hypoallergenics

How did you get started? 

My first experience with makeup was when I was in college. I was 18 years old. Circumstances in life lead me to join gay beauty pageants in Cebu City. I didn’t do my makeup then. Roel used to paint my face all the time. With my eyes closed and through the sense of touch, I would take mental notes when a particular brush would touch a particular part of my face. Based on that and being a Fine Arts student, I quickly learned the art and started doing it on my own.  Years later, I moved to Manila and worked for an advertising agency.

It was Halloween. My partner, Cholo, saw me applying makeup on one of our girls at home; she wanted to be a Gothic Witch when she goes Trick-or-treating. Once I was finished, he told me, “You know, you can become a makeup artist here.” I was a bit apprehensive at first. I had just moved from Cebu and being a makeup artist wasn’t really considered a  “JOB.” Being a filmmaker, Cholo brought me to a shoot one day. The makeup department was kind enough to let me hang around. While I was observing the shoot, a voice in my head said, “You can do this!” So, I saved up for a year; sold my computer, my webcam, even my vacuum cleaner! At 25, I packed my bags, left for London and studied a course on makeup for film and TV at the London Academy of Radio Film and TV (now the London Academy of Media Film and Television). A few days after I got back from London, I was hired to shoot a commercial for a beauty product in Vietnam. As the cliché goes, the rest is history.


Tor and Cholo

Why do you do it? 

I love the fact that I can transform women, to lead them to understand and appreciate their own beauty. And that is a good thing. I also enjoy the fact that every single work day for me is a different experience. I get to meet different people and I get to learn many things from them. I have realized over time, people (especially women), have their own notion of their own beauty; and it’s always best to work around those parameters. After all what is important is that you make them feel good about themselves. 


What was your most memorable moment doing makeup?

When I had the chance to do Margie Moran, Miss Universe 1973. In 2010, I was working for magazine show and my assigned host was late because she was stuck in traffic. Everybody was stuck in traffic including the makeup artist who was assigned to do makeup on the guests. Our producer comes to me and says, “Tor, Margie is here. Can you do her makeup?” When I turned around to see who “Margie” was, I gasped. It was THE Margie Moran. To this day, I cannot tell you how I managed to keep my composure the entire time and refrained myself from “geeking out” all over her. After I did her makeup, she gave me her approval and thanked me. I remember bowing my head and saying something about how grateful I was to have had done her makeup. She then walked to the set to be briefed. When she was out of earshot, I remembered exclaiming “Oh my God! That was Margie Moran!” and everybody in the makeup room started laughing at me because they didn’t realized how nervous I was up until that moment. I should have asked to have my photo taken with her!


What is your favorite VMV Product?
My all time favorite VMV product is the Re-Everything Eye Serum. It’s the only under eye serum in the market today that doesn’t give me milia. I have one in my bathroom counter, I have one in my toiletry kit and I have one in my makeup kit.

Skinthus-EyeSerum-TorTorre-Instagram-Sep2015-20151021 Skinthus-EyeSerum-TorTorre-Instagram-Video-Jun2015-20151021

You feel prettiest when…
I’m in drag! (laughs)


Do you have any tips for makeup artistry fans out there?

This is what I told my students when I had a teaching gig a few years back:

  • Makeup artistry is a service-oriented job, if you do not understand the paradigm of service, then this is not for you.
  • Always be professional in everything that you do. 
  • Practice what you preach. If you tell your clients to cleanse, tone, moisturize and use sunscreen, you should do it as well.
  • ALWAYS clean your tools. Disinfect your products regularly.
  • Express your artistry at the right time, at the right place and with the right client.  Always remember that your goal in not to show them how good a makeup artist you are but to let them feel good about themselves at the end of a makeup session.
  • Be nice to people, it goes a long way.


What is your daily skin care regimen? 

Out of habit, I always start my mornings cleansing my skin with VMV Hydra Balance Smart Gentle Cream Cleanser.

I tone my skin with Superskin 3 Toner.

I then apply Re-Everything Eye Serum in my under eye area, and treat certain spots like my laugh lines around my lips and forehead.

I finish up my skin care routine by applying VMV Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer.

On a side note: if my day requires me to be under the sun or under the harsh lights of the studio, I apply a generous amount of Armada Sport in SPF 70. If not, I skip it.

For evenings:

I cleanse my skin again with with VMV Hydra Balance Smart Gentle Cream Cleanser to remove the dirt accumulated during the day.

I tone my skin again with Superskin 3 Toner.

I apply Re-Everything Eye Serum again at the same spots I like to treat.

I then finish is off with  VMV Re-Everything Cream so my skin can renew and regenerate while I sleep.





Get skinspired!

Our Brand Ambassadors inspire their community with their artistry, spirit, guidance and goodness. 

Artists, athletes, makeup artists, and more who love what we “dew” as much as we love their contributions to the world.

At VMV HYPOALLERGENICS, we support Brand Ambassadors who spread goodness and “skinside-out” health.
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Beauty Featured Skin

Skin Is In!

By Jess Arnaudin

It’s no surprise…

Glowy skin is in. 

Want to achieve runway-ready skin in minutes? We teach you how — it’s easy as 1, 2, 3, glow!

1. Prep cleansed skin by applying Illuminants+ Hand, Face and Body Lotion to cover entire face, neck and décolleté. With a blend of 7 Alpine botanicals this brightening hydrator helps to even out skin tone and counteract dullness.

2. Using the Skintelligent Beauty Foundation Brush, gently blend Skintangible BBBB Cream (BB But Better) SPF 30 over your entire face. This light-as-air formulation will warm into your skin and impart a radiant, dewy complexion. Conceal any “quirks in progress” by dotting on and blending Skin-The-Bluff Concealer in the shade that is closest to your natural tone.

3. Skin Bloom Blush in ‘Luminous’ is the last light-reflecting piece of the puzzle! Apply liberally to highlight cheekbones and ‘glow’ on!


Follow Jess on Instagram for more skin, beauty and healthy living tips!