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A VMV Mother’s Day Tribute: #MomSavedMySkin

Mothers are heroes and they’ve saved us in more ways than you can count. We asked VMV Hypoallergenics moms and daughters how their moms saved their skins. These are some of their “skinsights”!

Photo courtesy of Marie-Julie Ona.

Marie-Julie Ona

What beauty and skincare tip has your mom given you?
Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, décolleté and hands as well!

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
There are so many things I want to tell my daughter. Makeup is just a fun way to celebrate your moods. But don’t wear too much of it — it’ll make you look older!


Photo courtesy of Kristen Bechara

Kristen Bechara

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
I haven’t been able to have any beauty talks with my daughter yet, but when she is old enough I hope she will be comfortable in her skin. And love herself flaws and all. For more practical advice, I’ll teach her to read labels for any product she is putting on (or in) her body. It’s important to know about your skincare, as skin is your body’s largest organ! 

Which VMV products have saved your skin?
For me personally, I think the Essence Antiperspirant is amazing and really has no competitor or substitute. I also use Red Better for my rosacea. My kids use only VMV products since birth: Clark Wash/Grandma Minnie shampoo, Lotion, Know-It-Oil.
Photo courtesy of Nicole Fandiño.

 Nicole Fandiño

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
Take good care of your skin. Tans fade, wrinkles don’t. 😉

Which VMV products have saved your skin?
Armada is <3.
Photo courtesy of Yuba Reichard.

Yuba Reichard

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
You are perfect just the way you are and to start taking care of your skin from an early age.
Which VMV products have saved your skin?
The Id Monolaurin Gel for acne and breakouts.
Photo courtesy of Rocio Duarte.

Rocio Duarte on mom, Joanna Duarte

How has your mom saved your skin?
She was the one who encouraged me to start taking care of it. Without her, my skin would be a lot worse off than it is now.
What is one beauty or skincare tip your mom has given you?
Pretty basic, but she made it a habit for me to have a solid and effective routine. It doesn’t have to be complex — just cleansing and toning (and occasionally exfoliating) works for me.
Do you have any VMV products you share with your mom?
We share the Superskin 2 Toner. Actually, that was the very first product she told me to use when I first began taking care of my skin!
Photo courtesy of Mireya Vazquez-Prada.

Mireya Vazquez-Prada on mom, Tina Ansaldo-Cruz

How has your mom saved your skin?
My mom can handle any situation with confidence and ease. When things go wrong, I usually have a “What would mom do?” moment and that’s usually enough to pull me through.
What is one beauty or skincare tip your mom has given you?
Less is more. Once you find a routine that works for you, strip it down to the essentials. My mom’s philosophy is that the best makeup routine is a good skincare routine, and I’m starting to love the natural look more and more. Also: drink loads of water! It’s so easy to forget that some of the most important care happens under your skin, not on top of it.
Do you have any VMV products you share with your mom?
While I am a sun worshipper and my mom is definitely not, we completely agree that Armada sunscreens are absolutely essential. They are products I’ve literally grown up with — from Armada Baby to Armada Sport and now the classic — and become our gold standard for sun protection. You’ll also find us using id monolaurin gel all the time. It’s the absolute best for spots and sweat acne.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, and to all those who mother. We straight-up LOVE you and wish you a day of pure “skindulgence”!

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Hypoallergenic Is Our Family’s Normal

By Anna

“I have been using VMV since I was 12. I have atopic dermatitis and my allergies aren’t just my problem: my children inherited my atopic dermatitis and skin asthma.

Everyone in the family uses VMV. Even our pets! They’re not allergic but we are — bathing them in Superwash Hair & Body Shampoo (which we all use) and coating them in Know-It-Oil (we share with them also 🙂 means cuddling doesn’t lead to a rash.

From sunscreen to shampoo, conditioner, and more, we just live hypoallergenically. Because of it, we aren’t hindered from enjoying life fully. We’re outdoorsy and love to travel…we just make sure we take everything we need with us. My kids grew up in it; it’s our normal. Even my 7-year-old knows to pack his Boo-Boo Balm for flare-ups!


Anna Anastacio is Chief Officer for Business Development at VMV Hypoallergenics. Follow her on Instagram to learn more about cosmetic industry updates and being a hypoallergenic mom in an allergic family!

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My Baby Has Eczema

“My baby has atopic dermatitis and a friend of mine recommended that I use your products…

He’s 15-months old and was diagnosed by a dermatologist with atopic dermatitis when he was 6-months old. This was confirmed by an allergist who said to give him cetirizine antihistamine daily before bedtime. He has been taking cetirizine for about a year. He gets red patches in the folds of his arms and legs, white patches, prickly heat-like dots, rough elbows and dry skin, mostly on his upper arms, neck, nape and when bad, on the torso, too. He scratches all the time, especially with flare-ups. The triggers we have identified are carrots, sun, sweat, anything with a strong smell, oatmeal soap/lotion, change in climate, dust, stuffed toys, dairy. (Topical corticosteroid lotion) helps flare-ups subside in 2-3 days. I bathe him twice-a-day. In the morning, I use (soap) on his head, face and body, then (cleanser) all over body and rinse, followed by (bath oil) and (lotion). In the evening, I use the soap on his head, then (cleansing cream) all over, which I leave for a few minutes for absorption, and rinse. I follow this with the oil and lotion.”

We asked a few dermatologists and VMV Hypoallergenics CEO to weigh in…

Laura (VMV CEO): That is a lot of product, especially for a baby 🙂 I’d suggest a 7-Day Skin Fast first. Then Coo & Clean or Clark Wash for bathing, Oil’s Well virgin coconut oil (VCO) and, if needed, Armada Baby as a barrier cream. Also, Fawn & Launder for laundry, and avoid clothing with bright colors, elastics/spandex/rubbers, garters, any scratchy material. Just pure white or natural cotton for a while.

Dr. A. Ortega: I would advise against bathing baby 2x-a-day. Once is enough then just wash axillae, genital area and feet at night. If there are flare-ups, virgin coconut oil can double as body wash and moisturizer. I agree with Laura in using Clark Wash for body and Fawn & Launder for laundry.

Dr. B. Ong: My 21-month old daughter also has atopic dermatitis and our daily routine for her since she was 7-months old is:

  1. Know-It-Oil (VCO) all over the body before and after bathing, and bathe only once a day;
  2. Mommycoddling Lotion all over body after bath, before nap time, and before bedtime;
  3. Boo-Boo Balm on the backs of the knees, antecubital and ankles, and diaper area at least three times a day;
  4. Before bedtime: VCO first all over then Mommycoddling Lotion on top, then Boo-Boo Balm on areas of flare before she finally puts on her pajamas.

This routine saves her from topical steroids. I suggest this mom see her allergist again and ask about the cetirizine that baby has been taking for almost a year. I fear that may be too long a period for a baby of 15 months. The standard antihistamine duration for kids, even for mine, was at most, two months.

Dr. A. Ortega: Yes, a 15-month old baby taking cetirizine for too long is an important point to consider.

Dr. S: I fully agree with a change in detergent, using instead a very mild unscented one. No elasticized materials. Use white, cotton clothing including underwear. Even the beddings and pillowcases should be cotton with no bright colors, just plain white as much as possible.

These suggestions should not be considered medical advice. Follow your dermatologist’s directions.