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Reuse Your Skincare or Makeup Box As A Gift Box!

 There’s another reason to love our glue-free packaging: they double as really nice gift boxes…and other simple storage hacks!


After opening up your skincare or makeup, don’t throw out the box…because these pretty packages aren’t just about protecting your products. They can be re-used!

  1. Lay the box flat then bend it at each fold…the same folds, just the other way around.
  2. Ta-da! You now have a gift box perfect for VMV minis (what a great way to give stocking stuffers or just-thinking-of-you presents!), wallets, belts, neck ties, and more!

Other great uses for these versatile containers? Storing stuff that normally gets messy, tangled, or lost, like paper clips, metro transit cards, bobby pins, hair ties, frequent customer cards, sewing kits, jewelry, cable ties, even ear buds!


Kim is packaging development supervisor at VMV Hypoallergenics. It’s no easy job: in addition to product stability, compatibility with active ingredients, and sustainability, he has to filter out packaging with allergens that could trigger a reaction when touched, or possibly leech into our products! Kim’s done it regularly enough that we’s got his own hashtag in the office: #kimnovation! Follow him on Instagram for all things creative, travel, volunteerism, and positivity.