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Instantly Expand Your Lip Wardrobe & Lift Your Mood with Colorblocking!

Try this brilliant way to put pep in your step: colorblock bold lips with spring accessories!

I was getting crafty with my new earrings, trying to match them to lipstick — and loved Copa & Fifi! – Jess Arnaudin


Definition: col·or block /kələr -bläk/ Colorblocking, is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in a look. The outfit or look inspiration revolves around a palette of two or more colors, usually in bold and bright shades.

After a long winter of wool scarves and black down coats, we’re craving fresh, juicy spring hues! In lieu of precisely matching lipstick to spring accessories, opt instead to colorblock by layering bright (slightly contrasting) shades. This allows for tons of creativity and a wealth of color combinations!

Here are Pantone swatches of some of my favorite two-toned beauty trends:


Red & Fuchsia

Try: Velvet Matte Lipstick in Light My Fire and Fifi or Copa

Red & Fuchsia: Light My Fire with Fifi or Copa
Red & Fuchsia: Light My Fire with Fifi or Copa

Coral & Strawberry Ice

Coral & Strawberry Ice: Giddy with Strawberry Fields or Tutu
Coral & Strawberry Ice: Giddy with Strawberry Fields or Tutu

Try: Subtle Shine Lipstick in Giddy and Strawberry Fields or Tutu

Lilac & Tangerine

Lilac & Tangerine: Bikini Machine with Beach Bunny or Melonade
Lilac & Tangerine: Bikini Machine with Beach Bunny or Melonade

Try: Velvet Matte Lipstick in Bikini Machine and Subtle Shine Lipstick in Beach Bunny or Sheer Lip Tint in Melonade

And as always, my favorite beauty “rule” is to have fun!


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Featured Skin

A Fresh Start With Spring In Japan!

Sakura, or the cherry blossom, is Japan’s national flower. Celebrated by Japanese people of all ages, sakura are found in everything from textile patterns to a curious dessert flavor. Sakura blooms in March or April, and is even part of the daily weather forecast as the reporter announces where the “Cherry Blossom Front” has started. The Japanese business and school year starts in the spring, so Sakura also represents “graduation, “commencement,” “blessing,” and “joyous.” 


This joyous abundance signals that it’s time for a fresh start, a spring cleaning of the things that do not, as Marie Kondo would call it, “spark joy.” Take your skin care routine. Your skin, like the rest of our bodies, evolves over time. Take the cue from the blossoms — perhaps it’s time to transition back to the essentials. Re-evaluate what your skin needs (maybe even ask your doctor for a patch test if you’ve had a nagging skin issue for years), what your skin goals are, and redesign your targeted skincare regimen. 

Start with a Skin “Detox” to help your skin get back to its most non-irritated state. Then, choose from among our most popular regimens, or ask us to help customize a regimen for you! Give us a call at (212) 217 2762 or drop us a private message on Facebook, Ask VMV, or if you’re in Japan, shop at

Beauty Featured Tip of the Week

Get Fresh Tresses For Spring!

Warmer weather means finally freeing hair from the confines of wraps and caps and earmuffs! Not ready for a huge transformation but don’t want to welcome spring by just flinging your woolly beanie into the back of the closet either? We asked Rosie Sumstad of our awesome neighbors at Fringe NY salon for some easy tips to freshen up your tresses this season:


What are some top trends for spring?

To me, spring is always about having a fresh new start. Hair, skincare, clothing — and this year I’m all about clean, minimal and hidden details. A new tone in your hair that can fade out, hidden messages on a piece of jewelry, or a pop of color mixed into your makeup routine!

Can you share some easy tips/how-to’s to recreate some updates at home?

Here’s one of my favorite styling tips for the carefree beach wave:

  1. Once your hair is washed, add a texturizing product. We recommend Evo’s Salty Dog or our very own Fringe & Friends Devoted spray.
  2. Next divide the hair into two sections and twist each section into a taught bun.
  3. Then, let air dry! It’s that easy!

Want to keep the look going for a couple days? Simply blend a bit of product and water in your hands and run through the hair to freshen up and de-frizz!

What are some of the top trends you’re seeing in haircare?

My absolute favorite at-home remedy is coconut oil! For myself and my clients! Before getting in the shower, saturate your ends and let it sit up to an hour. Shampoo twice if the product is sitting on your scalp, and voilà! It adds moisture without being too heavy, seals in any frizz and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy like other oil products.


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