Bold, Beautiful Party Makeup Ideas

We put together some of our favorite makeup tips, across different seasons, to create a bold, beautiful look — that is as gorgeous across a crowd as up close, and in photo after video after photo — for your biggest celebration this year!


Think: less is more — heavier foundation can look weighed down and dull over time.
Think: easy to retouch — so a quick dot and dab in the bathroom is all you need.
Think: highlighting over contouring — it’s like wearing your own filter in photos.


Add a bit of pure virgin coconut oil Know-It-Oil to Skin-The-Bluff Concealer. This complexion-perfecting tip from Underneath It All…Is Great Skin! effectively conceals “quirks in progress” while keeping skin naked-looking. The subtle sheen adds extra camouflage by reflecting light. Then, mix the coconut oil in with Skin Bloom Blush highlighter in “Luminous” before applying to skin, and voilà…it’s like walking around with very your own lighting team (now all you need is a wind machine).

blog-luminous-wframe-20161226Light and bright, light and bright:choose strobing over contouring for a big fête. Strobing creates the dew-glow-radiance of healthy-looking skin. Unless you’re an expert, contouring can look harsh or get muddy as the hours pass, or be obvious in different lighting. Like contouring, strobing can sculpt the face — but, instead of with time-consuming and skilled shadowing, by making certain features brighter. Learn how in Hypoallergenic Strobing.


Shown here: Illuminants Brilliant Finish Powder Foundation (use dry for a light powder, or wet for fuller coverage),
Skin-The-Bluff Concealer,
Illuminants+ Face-Hand-Body Lotion (a brightening moisturizer),
Skin Bloom Blush in “Luminous”,
Eyeshadow & Concealer Brush, Foundation Brush, and
Skintangible “BBBB” Cream (BB But Better) SPF 30.

Make sure your foundation lasts as long as you do with this all-night technique: target imperfections with your shade of Skin-The-Bluff Concealer (it also comes in green to cancel out redness, and yellow to hide dark under-eye circles). Then, even out your skin tone with Skintangible BBBB Cream, which keeps the look fresh —it works with all skin tones, too. If you’re feeling pale, add a touch (a touch) of sun with a subtle hand and our Tarte-à-Tan “Coco” Bronzing Powder (Tor Torre shows you how — and even how to use it with Luminous — in How To Apply Bronzer). Highlight with Skin Bloom Blush in “Luminous” for dewy skin that also emphasizes contours and lets light bounce off beautifully in photos (see above). Finish with Illuminants Brilliant Finish Powder-Foundation as a final touch to pull it all together and control shine (you want to glow, not borderline bead-up with sweat). Don’t forget to take your concealer and powder with you for easy touch-ups throughout the night (from The ONE Look — Party After Party, Photo After Photo — You’ll Need This Holiday Season).



Definition, definition, definition. Go for a sharp, clean wing or smudgy, smoky drama, but get those eyes standing out!

blog-partymakeupideas-eyes-wframe-20161226Clockwise from top left: (H)ighbrow Eye & Brow Liner in “Brown,”
Ooh-La-Lash Volumizing Mascara!, and
Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo in Bleecker (metallic rose gold and deep wine), “Dallas” (a warm copper-coral mix), and Roses & Bon-Bons (a rich dark brown and pale pink-cream). 

Parties means photos, and the key to definition in any photo: bold eyes and brows.

There is nothing like eyeliner to add drama to a look, and tightlining is all the rage, writes Yciar in Three Beauty Trends To Try Now. Use (H)ighbrow Eye & Brow Liner to draw on the waterline above and below the eye. Or, create a cat-eye to make eyes look bigger and build depth — use your liner on the insides of the lash line then above it, working upwards and outwards to draw a wing.

Fill in and shape brows architecturally. Least likely to fade, they’ll ensure definition even in low-light conditions.

Finally, Lots of lashes are key: thank you, Ooh-La-Lash Mascara! Use a lash curler for an even more bright-eyed appearance…necessary with so many late nights in a row (from The ONE Look — Party After Party, Photo After Photo — You’ll Need This Holiday Season).

Lips & Cheeks


Lipsticks: Subtle Shine Lipstick in (clockwise from top) “Beet It,” “Strawberry Fields,” “Fifi,” and “Giddy.”
Velvet Matte Lipstick in “Light My Fire” (center) and “Copa” (bottom middle).
Skin Bloom Blush in “Heat,” “Pant” (top right) and “Georgia.” 

Try this fun, color-blocking technique by Jess Arnaudin to add freshness, depth, and a surprising complexity to bright lip colors — and just like personalities, bright colors with depth and complexity can make a party! In The ONE Look — Party After Party, Photo After Photo — You’ll Need This Holiday Season, Jess adds, “Go bright, or go home. Cameras tend to wash out and flatten…and you’re not always in control of the filter. On lips, brights like Beet It and Copa are brilliant buildable options: dot on lightly for a sweet, subtle stain or layer on (and top with The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm!) for more glamor. For cheeks, try a bright pink like Georgia or toasty Heat, so you’re peppy and glowing in photos no matter how late it is!


Turn Drab Into FAB With These Four Gorgeous Looks!

The cold and dark can make it hard to get back into the rhythm of a new year…or to get out of bed! What can help? Makeup tricks that are super quick but deliver maximum impact. They help you get out of the door quicker but not look like you rushed it. Powerful makeup can be a great mood-booster, too, so you don’t just look more vibrant but actually feel like you’re ready to conquer the day. We asked master of simple makeup and busy mom Yciar Castillo for tips. Check out her winter beauty toolbox for us slow starters below.

by Yciar Castillo

Winter is the perfect season to use the year’s different makeup trends as inspiration to change up your look for the parties of the season, battling cold-weather blues, and starting the year of with confidence! Here are four easy looks to achieve (each one selfie-friendly, too!):

1. Classic Red Lips Against Dewy Skin


First, even out skin tone with Skintangible “Faint”ation Skin-Refining Non-Makeup SPF30. This will give you light coverage with a fresh, dewy finish. Lightly fill-in brows — try (H)Eyebrow Brow Eye + Brow Liner in “Blonde” to make them look full but natural. Sweep on two coats of Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara to emphasize lashes. Lastly, use a vivid Velvet Matte Lipstick to paint those luscious lips red-red (I used “Light My Fire” here.)


2. Barely-There Lips & Winter Cheeks


Once done with your base (see above), dab some crème blush or lipstick on your cheeks and spread, making them look naturally flushed and dewy. Then coat puckers with a skin-toned Lip Gloss such as “Slip” just to give them some definition and shine. *For cheeks, we tried Yciar’s tip with both slip and Subtle Shine Lipstick in “Fifi,” above. For an even subtler lip but maxed-out care, try The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm (alone or on top of your lipstick!) – Ed.


3. Sunset-Hued Eyeshadow


Copper shadow is all the rage this season. Make those peepers more interesting by sweeping Eyeshadow in “Dallas” on your lids and blend seamlessly. The idea is to give your eyes a bit of color while still looking natural…that the sunny color makes eyes look more awake and is such a mood lifter doesn’t hurt either.

4. Holy Smokes


This is when you don’t fight the chill…you own it. A strong smoky eye is ideal for a fierce night out. And the heavy glamor factor psychs you up when the cold makes you want to party down with your sofa, Netflix, and a big bag of popcorn. This season, the focus is on the lower lash. Tightline those eyes (line the wet, inner areas of the line), making sure you deposit a lot of product on the bottom. With a pencil brush, use a black eyeshadow such Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo in “Rockstar” to heavily smudge the lower lashline. Finish off with generous coats of Ooh-La-Lash! mascara.


Yciar is a makeup artist and jewelry designer who’s all about family, adventure, and keeping it simple — her philosophy is “makeup does not have to be complicated.”  Follow her on instagram to be inspired!

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New Mom? Nursing? Take Care of Yourself…For You & Baby!

Reposted from Breastfeeding Journeys.

I had a dismal experience nursing my first child. Much of the stuff you’re warned about that “doesn’t really happen,” happened. Raging mastitis, surgery, depression, check, check check. For my second baby, I went on the hunt for a more understanding coach and found Zeny — who has since coached dozens of other happy families and asked me to contribute a post on her blog about taking care of oneself as a new mom. This is it. I felt a lot of the tips applied to skin and health, period, and, with Zeny’s permission, decided to share them with VMV’s readers, too.

Taking Care Of Baby Is Taking Care Of Yourself

I’m a panicky mom with newborns. It wasn’t until my babies passed the 2-year-old mark that I realized I’d been holding my breath the entire time. At two, I could exhale. Then I looked in the mirror and stopped breathing again: I looked a royal mess. Not cute-sleepy, not charmingly unkempt; sharp-intake-of-breath frightful.

Here’s the thing: as a new mom with a newborn, I only had eyes for this tiny, vulnerable bundle of squeezable joy. I didn’t care about me, except in terms of whether or not I was being a good mother. Adding to this neurosis was my debilitating mastitis. This led to visions of my incapacity to mother. It started with my first child. “What if I don’t have enough milk?!” quickly became “Why am I so engorged? Why can’t I get the latch right?!” and then “Is this infection normal? Mastitis shouldn’t be so severe, should it? Am I supposed to have fevers?” and finally, “I’m told I need surgery, I need to stop nursing, I’m a failure as a new mom, my child will forever be deprived because I couldn’t give her more breastmilk.”

It took me a year and a half to get over the depression, and a doctor to say to me, “Look, you can choose to beat yourself up about this or you can choose to focus on your child and love her. She only cares about the latter. And she’ll feel your fear and sorrow if you’re not careful.” The same major mastitis problems recurred with my second child and my son turned out to be a cluster feeder (7 hours was his record). No longer a new, new mom, I’d learned my lesson: I found a lactation coach, Zeny, who was more forgiving, less rigid, and who gently, patiently coached me through pumping enough to give my baby 5 months of breastmilk.

Back to the frightful mess in the mirror. It wasn’t, I realized, just a reflection of what I excused away as a lack of vanity and selfless mothering. Facing me that day was a reflection of my head’s insides — the panic, worry and fear that owned me for two years. I heard those words again: “Your child will feel your fear and sorrow if you’re not careful.” I needed to take care of myself, both for me and for baby.

As you nurse your wee one, your brain is latching onto that baby as much as she is to you. She’s your universe. But don’t forget, you are hers. You want her universe to be calm, healthy, loving and self-caring; not a jingling, jangling stress-mess of no-shower nerves and exhaustion.

In my opinion, “I no longer matter, only my baby does” is passé. What’s in? “I need to be my best self — for me and for my baby.”

How? These 5 tips might help get you started.


Watch what you’re eating. Veggies, healthy oils (hello, virgin coconut oil!), great, lean protein.

If you’ve had a c-section you may not be able to exercise yet but (depending on your physician’s instructions, of course), do get up and walking soon after the surgery. Do baby your incision. And do take note of when your doctor says you can get more active again.

Otherwise, get moving. Don’t walk in your mumu and slippers and call it exercise. Get that stroller, strap on some sneakers, and dress for exercise. Baby will get some air and visual stimulation. You’ll get started on exercise — besides getting back in shape, exercise can help you sleep better and release endorphins to keep you happier (not easy during sleep-deprived nursing days).

On that note: when baby sleeps, you sleep. Sleep is SO important for your mind, body, skin and overall health. Prioritize it.

De-stress. Yoga, meditation, prayer…whatever works for you, do it.

Avoid junk food and cut down on processed foods. Again, pro-inflammatory.

Stress, lack of sleep, no exercise, and a poor/junky diet are all pro-inflammatory, and inflammation is linked to everything bad. Too many to list…everything bad.


Pregnant or nursing women have a symphonic range of hormonal changes going on. If you’re lucky (as I was with my second baby), this leads to great, glowing skin. If not (as I was with my first baby), you could be revisiting teen acne nightmares. Skin can also get more sensitive, itchier, drier. And a baby’s skin is quite sensitive — plus, it absorbs anything topically applied more than adult skin. For both you and your newborn, think allergen- and irritant-free.

This is easier said than done. Most baby products out there have yummy scents (natural or not, fragrance is a top allergen) or masking fragrances (they don’t smell “good” but they mask the inherent smells of a formulation), as well as preservatives (many preservative-free products use fragrances for preservation…and, like cinnamic alcohol, they’re not instantly recognizable as fragrance), dyes or other allergens, or phthalates which have been linked to quite a few health concerns. This is so true that the only reason we created a Mom & Baby line is because I couldn’t find any allergen-free options when I was pregnant (cut to scene here of me haranguing my mother on the phone in the middle of a baby store, begging her to formulate products for my belly, my baby and me!)

And remember, natural doesn’t necessarily mean hypoallergenic — in fact, frequently, the opposite is true. Peanuts, bee stings, strawberries, shellfish, mangoes, dander, pollen, lavender, tea tree oil…many natural substances are highly allergenic. The same applies in skin and body care, too.

Even if you and baby don’t have sensitive skin, either of you could develop it simply with repeated exposure to irritants and allergens. It’s best to use allergen and irritant-free washes, lotions, etc. as much as you can to prevent problems.

IMPORTANT: Treating skin care problems can be difficult enough. This is exacerbated when the patient is a newborn, pregnant mom or nursing mom. Prevention is your friend.

TOP TIP: Virgin coconut oil. This non-allergenic oil can be used in your salad and when frying (it’s one of the healthiest oils out there) as well as on your/baby’s skin (its fatty acids are native to skin making it an excellent barrier repairing/moisturizing option) and hair (there’s a reason it’s in most conditioners!) It’s also a great natural option for constipation (a tablespoon a day for adults; start with a teaspoon a day for toddlers — again, with your pediatrician’s ok). It’s so safe, it’s a common ingredient in baby formulas for infants with nutritional deficiencies.

The best news? You can SHARE several products with baby! Hair and body washes, conditioners, lotions, oils, sunscreen…the same gentleness you need during this period is perfect for baby.


Daily sunscreen is a must, period. Besides preventing skin cancer (which is on the rise and affects ALL people, light-skinned, dark-skinned, of all races), a recent study out of Australia showed more definitively than ever before that sun exposure is linked to photo-aging. Dangerous UVA gets through windshields and windows, too. And, Visible Light from indoor lights (halogens. fluorescents, even computer screens) is linked to melasma (dark spots), which contributes to the aged look of skin.


Makeup isn’t out…just choose more wisely. Dye, paraben, fragrance-free, for example. A little lipstick can lift one’s mood instantly. So can a makeover with gal pals! Or a salon day. Or (and this hits several birds with one stone as you’ll see below), get a facial!

If you really need a sloppy day of sweats and your shows, go for it. But don’t make it a habit. Hours of TV watching and Facebooking can worsen depression, as can staying in bed and not caring for yourself. If you find it’s been a few hours of vegging, get up, take a shower, take a walk, read a book, play with baby, have tea with a friend. Do not let yourself wallow.


It isn’t just your body that’s going to need to get back in shape after pregnancy. Your skin’s had quite the ride, too.

First, those hormones. Acne, dryness, melasma are common problems.

Second, there was all that stretching as you gained weight. Even if you stayed well within your weight goals, your skin has stretched. If you also got very dry, you may have lost some elasticity or had some barrier damage.

Third, sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation is linked to inflammation, and inflammation is more and more linked to several health concerns (from depression to cancer and obesity) as well as many skin problems, from acne to eczema, psoriasis and aging.

Fourth, absence of actives. During pregnancy you probably dropped your active treatments. Meaning that at best, your skin probably had basic maintenance or moisturization for nine months.

How to get back in shape?

a – Get back to a cleanse, tone & treat, nourish & treat, and protection regimen. Daily or twice a day.

b – For the treatment products, choose proven actives like retinoic acid (NOT for when you’re pregnant), glycolic acid, kinetin, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, and the like.

c – Not yet ready for actives? Virgin coconut oil is an excellent alternative. Or try monolaurin which is a non-allergenic, coconut-derived antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial…all around antimicrobial. It works for face and body acne AND can help keep baby safe from infection, too. How safe is it? It’s found naturally in breast milk. Huzzah!

d – Get a facial. Not only is this a stress-relieving vacation in 60 minutes, but it’s an AWESOME way to get your skin back into shape


Laura is the CEO of VMV Hypoallergenics and eldest daughter of our founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist. She has two children, Madison and Gavin, and works at VMV with her sister and husband (Madison and Gavin frequently volunteer their “usage testing” services). In addition to saving the world’s skin, Laura is passionate about learning, literature, art, health, science, inclusion, cultural theory, human rights, happiness and goodness.

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A Dermatologist Shares Another Reason to Keep Your Resolutions

by Dr. Jackie Dosal

Sticking to those New Years resolutions?  Need a little motivation?  Maybe I can help.  Many of the good things we do for our body and mind can have a positive effect on our skin.  What a nice bonus!  Don’t we all want glowing skin?

Let’s review below:

Move daily – Get that blood flowing and move daily!  Whether it’s a walk, a fitness class, yoga, or pilates, just move your body. Research shows that individuals over 65 who performed at least 3 hours of moderate to vigorous exercise a week were able to reverse the signs of aging. Compared to non-exercising seniors, skin biopsies from the buttocks of the exercising individuals showed features that looked more like a 30-year-old!  Exercise gets the blood flowing, brings nutrients to your cells, lowers stress, strengthens the immune system, and much more.

My husband and I recently got the FitBit fitness tracker, and it has been a great motivation to go for a walk rather than sit in front of the TV.  We challenge each other to who can walk the most steps in a day.  Depending on the day, the recommended 10,000 steps can be very easy or almost impossible to accomplish without some effort.  We have to consciously prioritize a walk or activity over TV or work.  Considering the modern lifestyle that leaves us sitting in front of the TV or computer for hours, the challenge to be more active is a welcome initiative.  The line “Sitting is the new smoking” has resonated with many folks, myself included.  Now that you know it’s also good for your skin, get moving!

Avoid added sugar – I think most of us can agree that there is an over-abundance of sugar in the American diet.  Sugar is added to just about everything we encounter in the grocery store (which is why the advice of shopping the perimeter of the grocery store is so true).  And why wouldn’t manufacturers add sugar?  It makes everything taste better!  Sugar actually coats innumerous targets in the body, making them function subpar.  Most important to the skin, sugar also coats collagen (a process called glycation) and makes it stiffer, making our skin look sallow, aged, and stiff.  So think twice before that second helping of dessert… it may taste sweet but may be making your skin look sour!

Glycation of collagen makes it bulky and stiff.


Get more sleep.  This should be on everyone’s resolution list!  Sleep is the time when the body can repair itself.  Sleep deprivation means more stress and increased cortisol levels.  Increased cortisol levels can wreak havoc on the skin and cause acne breakouts, skin rashes, and worsening eczema or psoriasis.  Make sleep a priority.  Turn off the TV earlier than usual, make yourself a cup of tea, settle down with a good book (preferably paper and not on a screen like an ipad, as the light prevents the brain from knowing sleep is near), and try to start this routine 30-60 minutes earlier than usual.  You will be surprised how refreshing it can be.

This last resolution that may not have been on your list… but it’s an easy resolution to keep — and you can start it at any time, it doesn’t need to be New Years!  WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR! Put one of my favorite sunscreens next to your toothbrush, and put it on every morning, rain or shine.  Do I need to show you the twins?  One wore sunscreen and the other didn’t.

Differences in lifestyle show how UV exposure ages one twin decades in comparison to the other twin.

While the photo may look exaggerated, all of us will eventually experience some of the tarnishing effects of the sun such as brown spots, dry skin, and/or wrinkles.  I got my first brown spots after only 5 years of living in the Miami sun!

Damaging UV rays penetrate car and building windows, so it doesn’t matter if you “never go to the beach.”  

Unless you live in a windowless basement and never leave the house, you are always encountering damaging UV rays.   Love your skin and apply a sunscreen daily… you will thank me later!

And…. you have my permission to cheat once in a while…. but only with a glass of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate… both are great for the skin! Resveratrol and antioxidants, baby!

This article originally appeared on, where Dr. Dosal blogs about her passions: skin, health, and nutrition, from Biologics to Botox, Sunscreen to Skin Cancer.


Reposted with permission. We publish articles by doctors who wish to provide helpful information to their patients and the public at large, or who respond to our requests to use them as professional resources. Doctors may or may not prefer to remain anonymous and we respect this preference. These resource articles do not in any way imply an endorsement by the physician of or VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® — they are intended for informational purposes only. While written by or with resource professionals, these articles should not be relied on for diagnostic accuracy or applicability to your particular skin, which requires an in-person ocular consultation with a qualified physician and possibly additional diagnostic tests.


Dr. Jacquelyn Dosal is a Board-Certified Dermatologist practicing in Miami, Florida, at the world-renowned Skin Associates of South Florida (formerly Dr. Brandt Dermatology Associates), a leader in skin and aesthetics innovation. She is also on faculty at the University of Miami Department of Dermatology where she sees patients and teaches dermatology residents.

Dr. Dosal is a native New Yorker, and earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame. She graduated magna cum laude and was elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha honor society at The Ohio State University, where she earned her medical degree. Dr. Dosal completed her dermatology residency at the University of Miami, where she served as chief resident. She was also awarded the Jaime Battan award for exemplary compassionate patient care, and she is the author of over 20 peer-reviewed publications in dermatology. Dr. Dosal’s special interest include general dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer treatment and prevention, acne, rosacea, lasers, and resident education. In her spare time, she enjoys running, wine tasting, yoga, and spending time with family. 

 Follow Dr. Dosal on instagram to see her posts on skin issues, sun protection, skin cancer prevention, health, wellness, and nutrition!

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The ONE Look — Party After Party, Photo After Photo — You’ll Need This Holiday Season

by Jess Arnaudin

Picture Perfect

100 Parties, A Million Photos, ONE LOOK. Rushing from a full day at work to the office party, then a family dinner and your BFF’s big bash? Who has time to change outfits or makeup? You want one look that works for any affair and that photographs beautifully, reliably. Because you can’t get much past a camera these days — even smart phones have great resolution! — make sure your makeup is high-def ready with these simple yet effective tips.

Shades can vary depending on your skin tone and preferences, but follow these basics and you’ll be glowing in person and online, no matter the lighting (or the state of the evening)!

  1. Light foundation and radiant skin: keep you from looking tired…
  2. Dramatic lines: for photos, eyes need definition, definition, definition….
  3. Bright colors: are kryptonite against a camera’s tendency to wash out and flatten.


Heavy, complex foundation can be harder to make work with different types of lighting, and get blotchy or dull as your skin tires. Try this all-night technique: target imperfections with Skin-The-Bluff Concealer then even out your skin tone with Skintangible BBBB Cream, which keeps the look fresh. Highlight with Skin Bloom Blush in Luminous for dewy skin that also emphasizes contours and lets light bounce off beautifully in photos (check out highlighting tips here). Finish with Illuminants Brilliant Finish Powder-Foundation because lights, heat, nerves (or a cute new acquaintance) can lead to sweat and too much shine. Don’t forget to take your concealer and powder with you for easy touch-ups from party to party.


This technique looks fresh and natural in brightly-lit videos…


…and warm and glowy in late-night, low-light photos.




Line up and lash out! The key to definition in any photo: bold eyes and brows. Fill in and shape brows architecturally. Least likely to fade, they’ll ensure definition even in low-light conditions. Winged liner makes eyes look bigger and builds depth — try (H)ighbrow Eye & Brow Liner on the insides of the lash line then above it, working upwards and outwards. Lots of lashes are key: thank you, Ooh-La-Lash Mascara! Use a lash curler for an even more bright-eyed appearance…necessary with so many late nights in a row.



Go bright, or go home. Cameras tend to wash out and flatten…and you’re not always in control of the filter. Adding drama to eyes and lips ensures your features’ prominence. Try the Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo in Dallas (a warm copper-coral mix) or Bleecker (metallic rose gold and deep wine). On lips, brights like Beet It and Copa are brilliant buildable options: dot on lightly for a sweet, subtle stain (as I did with CC, above, for her TV appearance); layer on (and top with The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm!) for more glamor (on Kristen, above; and Tina and Mireya, top). Contour cheeks with Skin Bloom Blush in Chisel; blend well and follow with a bright pink like Georgia or toasty Heat so you’re peppy and glowing in photos no matter how late it is!


Jess is an organic beauty coach and licensed esthetician, makeup artist, yoga teacher and beauty foodie! Follow her on instagram for her beautiful photography and expert tips for health, skin and soul!


Foundation Brush –

Thank you,, for including our patch-tested, animal-kind, sublimely soft foundation brush in “How To Choose Your Foundation Brush Based On The Finish You’re Seeking“! Flawless makeup application that’s paparazzi-ready 🙂 Check out for more makeup tips!

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Hydra Balance Smart Cleansing Scrub & VMV Esthetician Holly Byerly –

Exercising throughout the holidays? Fantastic! Just remember to take off the makeup before you work out…so it’s a good sweat you break out in, not #acne! Check out VMV Esthetician Holly Byerly (who is based in Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics in San Francisco) ByrdieBeauty!


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5 Skincare Cult Faves You Need at a Music Festival

Karen’s our resident music guru and heads our Global Markets team. Follow her on Instagram/Naranwoah!

My eyeglasses lost out to contact lenses the first night I sought out a band (Bloc Party) live — you just can’t whip your head back and forth with the constant fear of flinging your spectacles at the innocent crowd. This contact lens victory led to another, unforeseen, loss: that of my ambivalence to eye makeup. I mean, eyeglass-less, you could SEE my bare eyes! After that gig, concealer plus intense mascara plus a trusty smoky eye duo became my staples for a concert night out.

Weekend festivals are another challenge altogether. After hitting several music festivals in all sorts of conditions — heat as sultry as the roster’s bands to green fields turned mud puddles — I’ve figured out my go-to skincare lineup:

1. Id Monolaurin Gel

With food stalls, grassy seats, and portalets, a festival isn’t always the cleanest hangout. With the nearest water source hundreds of swaying bodies away, having a powerhouse hand (and arm and leg) sanitizer that doesn’t dry out my skin is a lifesaver. It can mean the difference between gross and gloss.

2. The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm

Legit #womancrushwednesday Laurel Pantin raves about this miracle tub. I have tons of this super salve because on any given day (times 100 on festival days) I get chapped lips, dry elbows, mysterious scrapes (once from my wristband pass), insect bites, and all sorts of random boo boos. This is absolutely THE balm diggity.

3. Essence Skin Smoother

Dehydration can mess up your schedule, so packing water is as important as packing an answer to “Who are you listening to?” The same goes for your skin. Tonics and spritzers can be good at making your skin ‘feel” hydrated, but nothing beats the kind of moisturisation you get from a coconut oil-based moisturizer. This baby comes in a festival-perfect travel size, too.

You know what goes with incredibly smooth skin? Gorgeous Dannijo jewelry and accessories! Essence Skin Smoother gets a starring role as an exclusive​ #​DANNIJOCHELLA gift to celebrity guests as they immerse themselves in the LOVESHACK life!

4. Armada Lip Balm

One of the guaranteed spots people forget to slather SPF on is their lips! With SPF60, this balm is not just a serious soother for chapped lips, it’s seriously good protection!
You know who knows the importance of lip care and sun protection? Why, the leading fashion and lifestyle bloggers of, of course…many of whom enjoyed Armada Lip Balm in their specially curated #Blogchella Survival Kits!

5. Armada Sport 70 Sunscreen

Do NOT come down from a musical high with a bad case of sunburn. The ultra-lightweight feel of this sunscreen gets me through even the most tightly packed, sweaty-from-dancing-in-the-mosh-pit sets. On extremely sunny days, a bit of Armada spread through the hair works great as mane protection. One of its most surprising uses? An icebreaker with strangers; I’ve made several friends from shared sunscreen ; )

So, whether you’re heading to Coachella / Osheaga / Glastonbury or your BFF’s show at the local park, make sure your skincare game rocks as hard as you do!