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This Dad Uses Health & Fitness To Bond With Family

By Miguel Feuermann

Sports run in our family. 

Although many comment from the sidelines and think we are absolutely crazy because of what we do, we think ours is a super healthy dose of life!


With the kind of sports we do — gymnastics, swimming, triathlon, cycling, running, football and more — you can imagine what our home looks like. Water bottles everywhere, stretching aids, bosu balls, swiss balls, kettle bells, elastic bands, bikes, goggles, cycling shoes, helmets, wheels, sunscreen, nutritional supplements, running shoes (they line our floor everywhere: Nike, Saucony, Newton, Brooks, Hoka Hoka One…we are like the United Nations of running shoes!) Our washing machine operates on overtime 24/7 to keep up with the demands of our daily lives. Alone we couldn’t do it. We have a team for: logistics, nutrition/chef, talent manager (wife/mother), physio therapist, Masseur, Ironman training coach (online from Vancouver). Together, they make our lives much easier.

All this started approximately 8 years ago and has since become an addiction and part of our daily routine. Luckily, it is an addiction worth keeping.

As in most families, kids can pick up their parents’ habits. In our humble abode, it was no different. Ariel, who is turning 11 this year, took on the best habits of both mother and father.

A daredevil on her own, swimming became her sport from an early age. People recognized her ability and dolphin style…we couldn’t get her out of the water. We then introduced her to competition and she never looked back!


Our motto is to enjoy what you do to the fullest.

Results will come on their own. Apply yourself 100% in everything that you do. Results speak louder than words. Winning is the outcome of a well-executed training plan.

As a father who eats, breathes and sleeps the endurance sport of triathlon, I mentor Ariel whenever possible on the rigors of hard work, and the commitment and determination required to compete at a high level. Seeing her athletic development, her mental strength, and her confidence gives me tremendous satisfaction and provides me with a certain level of reassurance that we, as a TEAM, have chosen the correct path.

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The endless early mornings, late nights, and long training sessions feel like nothing, especially when you are able to spend part of it together with your children.

As a dad, it means so much that I can celebrate how far we have come, how strong and united we are. And I hope that this is only the beginning of an awesome journey to last a lifetime.

Chat with Miguel about endurance racing, juggling training with a career and family
— and even kids’ triathlons! —
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Miguel Feuermann, Triathlon

Miguel Feuermann

Vancouver, Canada; Manila, Philippines


Miguel Feuermann has been an endurance athlete and triathlete for multiple years. Having raced in various distances from short but high-octane sprints to the demanding long course of Ironman, he is full of stories and knowledge on the sport that shapes his life.

Born in Argentina, Miguel grew up in Vancouver, Canada and is an experienced hotelier by trade. He is currently a director at Shang Properties in Manila, Philippines, where Miguel lives with his loving family.

Chat with Miguel about endurance racing, juggling training with a career and family
— and even kids triathlons! —
on social now!




How long have you been racing?

Started racing back in 2008 and have been hooked ever since.

Why do you do it?

Racing is the icing on the cake. The cake is the fitness, lifestyle, health (mental and physical), focus, determination, friendships, energy, etc. That is why I do it. Like everything, forming a habit is the most difficult part of it, but once you get over the initial hurdle, you will not turn back. It is a healthy, although somewhat costly, addiction! Although the costs associated with other lifestyles could be just as expensive.

How do you train for it?

The body is an amazing machine. It adapts to almost anything as long as you give it time to do so. For my Ironman and Ironman 70.3 distances, I have been following a detailed training program found in the Be Iron Fit, time efficient training secrets for ultimate fitness by Don Fink. There are 3 distinct programs within his book: just to finish, intermediate and competitive. I used the just to finish one for my first at Ironman Canada in 2013 and did exactly that — just finished…with a smile. For Ironman Melbourne in 2015, I followed the intermediate program which prepared me to approach the race a bit more aggressively — I managed to shave almost 3 hours from my Canada journey. I believe in the method of training he writes about and it works for me. We are all different so this approach may not work for all. As an executive working full time and with a busy family, his programs are perfect for me. All training is based on heart rate zones and time as opposed to distance, except for the swim which is strictly distance-based on different exertion levels. With this approach, I am able to schedule my training around my work and family, and know that I’ll be able to accomplish my personal goals. Depending on the race, for the Ironman distance, I start training 6 months out, 6 days a week, several days with 2 workouts a day. Majority is all swim / bike and run, with the time and efforts going up as the weeks progress. As long as you have a decent base, it is doable and your body will continue to adapt to the efforts you are putting it through.

How did you get started?

I got started upon returning from a trip to Argentina looking like a blimp! I did not like what I saw nor how I felt. I came across a book called Marathon Training For Non-Runners and picked it up. I was a non-runner and perfectly suited for it. 16 weeks later the book was finished and I completed my first ever marathon in Quebec! Due to the huge load in such a short time that I put my legs through, I got injured and got a stress fracture on my left shin. Prior to the race. I was determined to finish it! Upon my return home and getting rid of crutches, I bought an entry level Giant road bike in Jakarta. I felt I was able to continue with my fitness without pounding my legs. During one of the many rides, I met a few triathletes who offered that I joined them. Problem: I couldn’t swim. No problem: I hired Akbar Nasution, Olympic swimmer for Indonesia in the Sydney Olympics. Within 5 tough months of swimming 4 times a week I completed the Bintan Sprint Triathlon! The rest is history.

Why do you like using Armada Sport as a sunscreen?

Armada Sport is a great sunscreen which truly works. It keeps me well protected while I am completely exposed to the sun while I swim, bike and run. I have tubes of it stashed everywhere as I go through a ton of it. Nice that it stays on even after a hard swim although I still re-apply depending on the distance of the race or training session.

What was your most memorable moment in a triathlon?

Finishing my first — Bintan Sprint Triathlon! I remember feeling the same emotion of accomplishment then as I did when crossing the line during the Ironman events. The difference at the Ironman’s is that I had my family there cheering me and supporting me all the way. Having my daughter, Ariel, at the finish line and placing the finishers medal around my neck was unforgettable!

You feel most handsome when…

I feel handsome all the time!

Do you have any tips for fans out there for fitness, sun protection and/or training?

If you are thinking of starting any sort of fitness regimen for whatever reason, start slow. Educate yourself ( internet, forums, teams, training sessions, etc.) Join a group. Hire a coach. Tell the world. Sign up for an event even before you start. You will not back out of it. At the beginning, having support from your family, friends, peers is very motivating and will get you out of bed to train, race, etc. Surround yourself with common interest individuals. Don’t neglect your family as they will be part of your support. Lastly, listen to your body, it knows best. Missing a session or two will not make a difference on a long term plan or habit. So if you feel you need to rest, then do so. Your body will thank you in the long term. Pushing too much in too little time is an automatic injury and one which I ignored in my early beginnings.


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