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World Traveler Skincare: Top 9 Travel Skincare Tips

Ever gotten off a plane thinking, I wonder if my epidermis is in baggage claim? Or put mentholated vaginal wash on a rash after desperately trying (and failing) to navigate a pharmacy in a foreign country? What about an epic breakout the night before a big meeting or your best friend’s beach wedding? Skincare can’t be suspended just because you’re not at home. We asked the most peripatetic people we knew…how do you keep skin happy when traveling? Holly Byerly, Senior Esthetician and Brand Educator for VMV Hypoallegenics put together these 9 top skincare and beauty tips to help keep your skin in ship shape throughout your journey.


1. Passport. Phone. Regimen.


Pack your essentials. “It’s important to maintain your routine. Travel with the products that work well for you instead of making do with hotel amenities or nothing at all. Even a week away from your regular skin care can make you regret it.” This means keeping up your daily sunscreen, too!

Holly packs SuperSkin Care Hydra Balance Smart Cleanser, Hydra Balance Cleansing Scrub and Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer, plus Know-It-Oil, The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm and Armada Face Cover 30 sunscreen.

2. Pre-Flight: Go Lightly.


Head to your flight with a clean and freshly hydrated face, free of foundation and powder.

If you feel too naked, opt for a few dabs of Skin-The-Buff Concealer, a Sheer Lip Tint and Ooh-La-Lash! Mascara.

3. Dress Code: Flexible-Smart-Comfortable.


Dress so you can relax but not be disheveled. Being put together upon arrival helps you look peppier than you might actually feel. Light, wrinkle-free fabrics can help you sleep better and prevent lines in skin, which can get particularly deep as our extremities swell mid flight. Leggings are a great option — besides being super comfortable and easy to dress up or down, they prevent the edges of your pants from coming into contact with bathroom floors. Keep a sweater handy for temperature fluctuations. A dressier jacket in your hand carried luggage instantly makes you look more structured (and gives you more pockets!).

4. The Only 8 Makeup Items You’ll Ever Need For Travel


I like to travel with as little as possible. With these mega-multitaskers, I can do just that!

#1 & 2: Skin-The-Bluff Concealers in No More Blues (the yellow is fundamental to camouflage tired undereyes!) and N1 (my shade).

#2: Antioxidant Powder Foundation. I like the flexibility: one product for light, medium or heavy coverage.

#3: (H)Eyebrow Eye + Brow Liner. Again, one product for brows and liner…even shadowing!

#4: Skin Bloom Blush in Bellini. I use this always-flattering-all-year shade not only as my cheek color, but also as an eyeshadow. It really wakes up tired skin and eyes!

#5: Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo. This earthy duo works well with (H)Eyebrow & Bellini for, you guessed, it, multiple options (see a trend here?)

#6 & 7: Sheer Lip Tint in Bubblegum and Velvet Matte Lipstick in Light My Fire (because who can travel with just one lipstick??). I mix a bit of Boo-Boo Balm with Light My Fire for a less intense color in the daytime, and use it by itself for a more dramatic nighttime look.

#8: Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara. This buildable, smear-proof formula is the traveler’s dream.

5. Soar! Not, SORE…


Especially on flights longer than 6 hours, make sure your carry-on has a couple of basic hydration boosters. Mid-way through, take a moment to cleanse and rehydrate your skin. I suggest mini sizes of your SuperSkin Care Cleanser, Know-It-Oil, and Boo-Boo Balm for an in-flight skin quench.

6. Healthy Hydration


Travel with an empty water bottle and refill frequently to make sure you drink plenty of water during your flight. This is especially true for kids who need even more hydration than we do.

Avoid sugary juices or sodas, coffee and alcohol — stick to water or soda water to keep your body and skin as hydrated as possible. This is important for the flight as well as post-flight recovery.

7. Bye-Bye, Boo-Boo’s!


Nicks, cracking skin, dry insides of nostrils…if you have to pack ONE thing, it’s The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm.

KID TIP: Make kids “captains” of specific tasks (“you’re the water captain” or “you’re the Boo-Boo Balm captain”). This builds their self esteem, makes them feel like part of the adventure (instead of like extra luggage), keeps them focused and can be surprisingly helpful!

8. Post-Flight Skincare:


When you have a moment to yourself, cleanse your skin and apply an easy-to-mix hydrating mask:

Pour equal parts Know-It-Oil and the SuperSkin Care Moisturizer for your skin type into a glass or bowl. Apply onto skin. Leave on for 20 minutes or overnight for a more intense skin treatment.

9. Jump start recovery:


You’d be amazed at what 60 minutes can “dew.”

One facial or spa treatment can mean instant refreshment and recovery. Traveling to San Francisco? Call (415) 255 9510 to book a facial or spa treatment with Holly at Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics. Or call (212) 217 2762 to get your “dew” at our VMV Skin-Specialist Boutique in Soho if the big apple’s on your itinerary!


While we may not be able to control the weather, the lines or baggage handling, we can take command of our own smooth sailing!

Beauty Brand Ambassadors Healthy Living Skin Skinthusiasm

Jess Arnaudin, Green Beauty and Travel Writer

Jess Arnaudin

Green Beauty and Travel Writer
New York, NY


Jess Arnaudin is an expert skin therapist, makeup artist, beauty writer and adventure seeker on a mission to examine beauty beyond boundaries. Jess combines her 6+ years of experience within New York City’s spa industry with an insatiable curiosity to find the best eco-beauty experiences around the world and share them with YOU! Join Jess on her #beautyadventure and find out firsthand why travel is so incredibly important for your skin and your soul!

Contact Jess for a spa session, or your bridal or special-event makeup.

Follow Jess for eco-conscious skin, beauty and healthy living tips now on!




“Gorgeous training today with the @vmvhypoallergenics team — lots of laughs & good energy all around. Thank you, @ccvr3 @lauraatvmv @vmvhypoallergenics! #hypoallergenic #hypoallergenicmakeup #skinsafe #fragrancefree #highlight #contour #training #makeup”



“It’s a #superfood kind of morning! Berries are sky high in vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) which is the key to #collagen production! It’s also vital in repairing skin’s barrier function. Grab a handful of fresh berries & join me in this colorful carnival of vitamin C! ? (Bowl from @Anthropologie) #powerfood #beautyfood #morningessentials #greenbeauty #vitaminc”


“Matcha energy balls ???Thanks @bysaber & @glowleanrecipes for the inspiration! I made substitutions: (strawberry & honey filling instead of raspberry, and added coconut shavings to matcha powder for coating) and love the result. Best when eaten frozen / chilled! #matcha #matchamadness #energyfood #glutenfree #greentea #greenteapowder #glowlean #coconut #strawberry #cleaneating #skinhealth #caffeine #happysunday #sundayfunday” Instagram-AxisArtistry-MachaBalls-June2015-20150711

Good Living…

“January 15th. Half-way through the first month of the year. How go your resolutions? Every day is a new chance! Take a deep breath. Smile. And start again! Mine is spending more time with a gratitude journal. Totally changes my perspective! #attitudeofgratitude #gratitudejournal #resolutions #pulsecheck #accountability #newbeginning #newopportunity #dreambig #workhard #givethanks #greenbeauty”


“Sending love & light today! We all need a little healing sometimes. ✌️Speak life. Speak love. See light. #gratitude #mindovermatter #love #light #life #healing #energy #peace #mindovermatter #positivevibes”


Get skinspired!

Our Brand Ambassadors inspire their community with their artistry, spirit, guidance and goodness. 

Artists, athletes, makeup artists, and more who love what we “dew” as much as we love their contributions to the world.

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Family Blog

Family Travel Tips For A Stress-Free Summer

Boracay is one of the most visited destinations in the Philippines. Its powder-like white beach, clear waters, and abundance of activities made my son Taz’s request to travel to Boracay to celebrate his 6th birthday an easy yes!

Travelling with your kids can be exciting and fun, or a complete disaster. Here are some of my top tips to help mommies enjoy the family summer vacation, instead of need a vacation of her own afterwards!


While off-peak flight times can be cheaper, you might want to weigh the savings against the stress of flight times that interrupt kids’ sleep patterns. Always bring a minimum amount of snacks in case of a travel delay. Young children can struggle with air pressure: pacifiers, a feeding, or candy for older kids can help remind them to swallow.


It can be tempting to bring a huge supply of snacks and toys, but if you’re going to a beach…sand, surf, shells, and fish are  all the toys you’ll need! Since we had our 6 year old son Taz and 3 year old son Benny with us, we made sure that we only had minimal luggage and small bags — much easier and transport from airplane to boat and tricycles. Smaller bags also make it simple to find things. And in a real pinch, older kids can help carry small bags. Fitting everything into small bags is doable, and some good packaging techniques include rolling socks into shoes, bringing toiletries that you all can share, packing specific outfits instead of lots of clothes for options, and using the kids’ bags to hold additional items. Another great tip to make sure you bring less clothes but get more use out of them: pack a small bottle of laundry soap!


Aside from sunscreen, we travel with beach hats, sunglasses, beach towels, and a beach bag that is water resistant where you can put your camera, wallet, and cellular phones. For the kids, I bought shovel when we landed on the island.  For mommies, remember to bring comfortable swimwear so you can chase after kids, be super comfortable, and still enjoy the beach.



Don’t dump travel documents into larger bags…keep them on you, with as little clutter as possible. Also, take photos of the documents with your phone (for longer trips, it’s worth getting a certified copy to keep in a separate location). Rehearse a simple safety procedure with kids so they know what to do if they get lost: find a security guard, tell them you’re lost, tell them your parent’s names, stay put in an official office or by the information counter, and don’t go with any adult who isn’t an official. Older kids can memorize your cell phone number. Some parents print out important information, stick them in small plastic ID holders, and pin them to the insides of kids’ shirts, too.


Particularly if you’re going to an island, don’t rely on credit cards or ATMs. Even if credit cards are the norm, electricity can be dicier on islands and smaller airports may have more cash-only vendors.



Summer means super hot weather. So don’t forget to bring your best friend: sunscreen! It’s always a good idea to apply sunscreen before leaving the hotel room (try applying it before bathing suits to make sure you don’t miss a spot) and hitting the beach. This lessens the arguments (kids can land on the beach and enjoy themselves instead of you reigning them in for sunscreen) and lessens the risk of poor application (from wriggling, squirming, impatient children). Don’t forget to reapply every hour and after swimming. A nice tip: set an alarm for reapplication and have water and snacks ready so it’s more of a happy break and not a sunscreen-application to-do.


Anyone, and certainly children, can become dehydrated in the sun and heat. Keep a bottle of water with you all day (it’s best to bring your own to prevent germs from spreading…and it’s also better for the environment than purchased bottled water).  Since kids can be so excited and they stay outdoors for hours at a time, I make sure to get water to them every 15 minutes (some of these water breaks can be combined with a sunscreen reapplication!). At lunch, make sure they chug down full glasses of water. Water is best; sugary drinks can be more dehydrating. For an occasional treat, choose fresh coconut water or fresh-pressed juices.


We’re so lucky that we can now use our mobile phones to take great pictures. I didn’t bring big cameras with me because they’re incredibly bulky and hard to take care of on a beach. Just make sure you don’t spend all of your vacation taking photos. In fact, make it a point to keep your phone away from you so that you have as many memories made by being together as by snapping a photo. TIP: Get your kids to keep a vacation journal! It’s great for their minds and is a wonderful way to document memories without a gadget.


Ride local transportation (tricycles, buggies, whatever), eat local food, and be curious. Learning more about, and respecting, local culture is an invaluable lesson to teach your children. It expands their minds, teaches them empathy, and helps them become more open-minded and contributive global citizens.



Enjoy your vacation! Play with the sand, enjoy the view with your husband and kids, eat when you feel hungry, and repeat. Taking a break helps you remember that life is beautiful — and it’s important for your kids to see you doing that. Really be in each moment with your loved ones and build memories together — more than any toy or gadget, it’s these memories that they’ll remember forever. Life is short, you only live once: ENJOY!


Sharms is a freelance hair and makeup artist, image consultant at John Robert Powers, and events manager. Mom to Taz and Benny, Sharms is an avid mountaineer (“MOMtaineer”!) who loves to travel.


Armada Face Cover SPF 30 – Travel & Leisure

Thank you, Travel and Leisure, for including our Armada Face Cover SPF 30 in “The Best Sunscreens for Every Type of Traveler”!

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Armada Sport #skinthusiasm winner – Tor, Instagram

Talented makeup artist Tor Torre is a #skinthusiasm winner for his incredible photos of himself and Armada Sport 70 sunscreen at work and at play, on vacation with him, on beaches, trekking, and while he’s at work on TV and photography shoots.








He’s upped the ante by posting some cool videos of skincare application tips on his Instagram account.Skinthusiasm-Instagram-TorTorre-MoisturizerVideo-062015



Check out Tor’s blog and follow him on Instagram — search #WhereInTheWorldIsYourArmada and #ArmadaTravels — to catch more of his beautiful photos, skincare videos and makeup tips!


Tor’s gifts: Armada Sport sunscreen and a Cosmeceutical Facial.

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Armada Sport #skinthusiasm winner – Peter, Facebook

Our first skinthusiasm winner, Peter, got a package of Armada Sport sunscreens for his multiple, frame-worthy photos of Armada Sport 70 in Buenos Aires, NYC, Spain, the Grand Canyon, Milan, braving thunderous waterfalls for the perfect shot and — what may have gotten him the win for its Indiana Jones-ness — near an Indonesian temple where a horde of monkeys stole his sunscreen! 


The collage above does not do his beautiful (and bountiful) oeuvre justice.

Peter’s awesome photos inspired the Armada Sport-as-traveling gnome: search #WhereInTheWorldIsYourArmada and #ArmadaTravels and you’ll see what we mean.


Peter’s gift: why, Armada Sport sunscreen, natch!

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SuperSkin-Starts-Here in Flair Magazine, Germany

Wunderbar! 🙂 Thank you, Flair Magazine for including our SuperSkin-Starts-Here Set in “Über den Wolken – die neuen Travel Kits