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VMV Saved My Skin: Soak My Thirsty Skin

#SavedMySkin Story: Soak My Thirsty Skin (without triggering an allergic reaction)! 

Moisturizers spread well and sit on the skin for a long time, and the skin absorbs them well, too. That’s why moisturizing is a great way to hit two birds with one stone! The right moisturizers can help you handle your sensitive skin, AND keep eczema and rosacea flare-ups to a bare-faced minimum— at the same time!

Very Sensitive Skin: 

The right moisturizers can help skin that is allergic, atopic, or with certain barrier-compromised or inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis. They can specifically strengthen the skin’s barrier layer, supplement fatty acids native to skin, and are anti-inflammatory and allergen-free (obviously!). This helps manage the condition, sooth the skin, and prevent flare-ups keeping you and your skin cool and happy all day long!

For eczema and rosacea, a moisturizer with antimicrobials that target the microorganisms common to these skin conditions is also helpful. For rosacea, try Red Better Daily Therapy Moisturizer. For all other sensitive skin conditions, we recommend Know-It-Oil, organic virgin coconut oil or Oil’s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil.

Do you have dry and very sensitive skin? Are you having a hard time finding a moisturizer that suits your skin without causing any allergic reactions? Here’s the story of skinthusiast Olivia S from Chicago IL and how her skin found the perfect match!


Click through the slideshow below to read the story of our skinthusiast as she shares her VMV Saved My Skin story!


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