That’s Natalie with that gorgeous smile of hers, at our Lip Bar Happy Hour at VMV Soho in NYC. She is one of our favorite skinthusiasts for her…skinthusiasm! She enjoyed a Glycolic Acid Peel at our NYC spa for her passionate, personal tweets (just a few of which appear below), recommendations of VMV Hypoallergenics to her friends and followers, and for her all-around awesomeness whenever she comes to visit 🙂


“We heard that Natalie has received compliments from strangers on how great her brows are shaped. She also says that we have incredible energy! The feeling is mutual! <3” – Our team at VMV Soho




“Thank you so much! I just feel the need to share the “wealth”. The company has done my skin so good in the last year or so.” – Natalie


Skinthusiasm-Natorious-VMVGoodies-Twitter-2014-20150806 Skinthusiasm-Natorious-MRline-Twitter-Dec2013-20150806 Skinthusiasm-Natorious-WhyISwearByVMV-Jan2015-20150806 Skinthusiasm-Natorious-BessieFallSkinLove2015-Feb2015-20150806

“Is it possible to have one’s 2015 made in January? Yes. Yes it is. 🙂 much ! “@_natorious: Why I swear by ” – Natalie


Lovely @_natorious getting her makeover post-beautiful brow shaping by @aadriiortiz 🙂 #weloveourcustomers #weheartourteam #welovebrows #hypoallergenicwaxing #hypoallergenicmakeup

Thank you for making so many of our days!

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