Do I really need to be wearing sunscreen if its cloudy outside?

Yup! Many people forget that their skin is exposed to light if they don’t feel the heat. Damaging UVA doesn’t burn as quickly as UVB. Without feeling like you’re baking, you could be cooking up a carcinoma with a side of wrinkles and dark spots on a bed of immune problems. This is why some people are surprised when their dermatologists find carcinomas and other sun-induced skin damage even if they feel that they “never go out in the sun.”

Just how much UV gets to me on a cloudy day?

As much as 80% of UV rays pass through clouds — plus snow, ice, sand, water and other surfaces can reflect light. There’s even an interesting phenomenon called Cloud Enhancement, where the sun may reflect off of clouds, intensifying and focusing UV radiation (we really are getting a lot more than we think we are!)

No matter what, make sure you’ve got some sunscreen on. You can always wear one with a light texture that still packs a powerful punch like Armada 30 or Armada Sport 70.


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