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Work out daily.

Not 3x-a-week, not 4x…but every day.

Why? Most of us lead sedentary lives, with hours and hours of inactivity in front of a computer or binge watching a current TV addiction. Studies are showing that sitting down for more than a few hours at a time is extremely unhealthy. Other studies suggest that it’s not about extreme exercise three times a week: constant activity is the new objective. And we all know how vital exercise is for your heart, metabolism, brain, and skin.

Let’s go back to that: it’s not about extreme exercise three times a week…constant activity is the new objective. This means a shift in focus from high-intensity sweat fests to just making sure you’re moving more than not. Try these simple tips…

1. You don’t have to kill yourself with a mega soul cycle burn each time — instead, focus on doing something, anything, every day. For example, if you had a hard workout on Monday, make Tuesday a “rest” day but instead of spending an hour in bed watching TV, catch up on your favorite shows while pedaling slowly on a stationary bike.

2. Mix it up: do cardio one day and weights the next; yoga or pilates another day, then perhaps a hike outside. Mixing it up keeps it interesting and keeps your body challenged.

3. Be conscious about prioritizing movement. Instead of taking a cab, walk it. Get off at the subway or bus station before your regular stop. Set an alarm for every hour as a reminder to walk around for ten minutes. Use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Be inefficient on purpose: instead of taking down all the laundry in one go, take one load at a time so you have to go up and down the stairs more often. Get a standing or treadmill desk to prevent total immobility when working for hours. This “incidental activity” (as opposed to structured exercise) is highly beneficial to your health.

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